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I'm having a bad day and need to vent.

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MrsZoidberg Fri 30-Nov-12 18:38:54

1. An item has arrived broken - reasonable buyer so annoying but not unduly so.

2. Email from a buyer asking where her item is. She bought it Wednesday evening, I posted Thursday. So perhaps unreasonable to expect it to arrive today - more so as she lives in Spain and she has bought from a UK seller. She also doesn't speak English, I am getting very short sentences and having to guess what she is asking, and I'm having to word answers carefully in the hope that she is using a translator.

3. I sell an item by the metre. Buyer bought a number of metres, went to pay and unsurprisingly, Ebay multiplied my postage charge by the number of metres ordered. ALL my listings say ask me and I will combine postage. She has complained that the postage charge is way too high and wants me to cancel the item. Actual postage is only 1.5 times the cost for 1 item, so hardly ott.

I had all the above waiting for me after having to spend all morning at the hosptial with DS. (Doctor was running 1 3/4 hours late).

AAAAArgh Feel better now.

racingheart Fri 30-Nov-12 18:57:33

Glad you feel better for venting, Mrs Zoidberg. wine and maybe also wine
It'll all blow over.

MrsZoidberg Sat 01-Dec-12 10:45:48

Today I take it back about number 1 being reasonable. She ordered 1, then a few days later ordered 5 more. International so she hadn't received the first one before she ordered the 5.

I have sold hundreds of these all around the world - I'm one of the few ebayers of this product who will post it international so I would say 90% of them have gone abroad.

Today, she has said the other 5 have arrived and 3 more are broken! I can luckily send just the broken items bits, but it will still cost me a fortune in postage.

Aaaargh and I'm not allowed wine for several hours yet

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