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aargggh urgent ebay help needed nightmare!!

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ruby22 Wed 28-Nov-12 13:56:06

Agree, if they won,t agree to cancel just don,t pay. Having said that I bought a pair of shoes earlier is year, I really really wanted them and got them for a bargain from a seller with score of 1 (although am convinced shill bidding was used but that's another story) but was utterly convinced they would never appear. Anyway 3 days after I paid they turned up literally wrapped in a tesco carrier bag with a sticker on it, all very loosely taped together. My dh uses my account for most of his buying but created his own when he wanted to sell his bike and some old mobile phones, so his score was very low. I think if a seller has a low score fewer people bid so you have to weight up the chance of getting a bargain against the chance it will never materialise.

fergoose Wed 28-Nov-12 11:16:53

just don't pay - mark it as paid or delete it from your won items, then you won't mistakenly pay for it when paying for something else

And if the seller doesn't send the cancellation they won't get their fees back, and if they do a non paying case against you just ignore that too.

fuzzpig Wed 28-Nov-12 11:15:41

Oh, that's true about the high value items being more suspicious sad and yes not having a photo of it on may be a bad sign.

I have mostly sold toys and other little things so I guess much easier for people to have taken the risk of buying from me.

Drill it into your DH to ALWAYS check the feedback - not just the number, as most of them could be as a buyer not seller - I always click on the seller, and then 'view recent feedback' and cast an eye over them.

rotavirusrita Wed 28-Nov-12 11:09:43

just one feedback. This is from buying which is positive.

its a tablet.

I know it COULD be fine..... however it rings alarm bells with me that this is the first thing they list.
Also no picture of it actually switched on

I was burnt this time last yr with a lovely dress which i paid quite a lot for, but hadnt checked the feedback score. it took ages to get the money back.

fergoose Wed 28-Nov-12 11:03:29

yes that is true - I am just wary of new sellers selling high value items and it does set off some alarm bells. Would be happy to be wrong.

fuzzpig Wed 28-Nov-12 10:59:25

Do you mean he has loads of negatives and only one positive, or do you mean he is a new seller with only one sale?

If the latter, it could be fine - everyone has to start at zero feedback!

Understandable if you don't want to risk it though.

fergoose Wed 28-Nov-12 10:48:21

the seller just needs to send you a cancellation request and you just need to accept it - they then get their final value fees back and can relist or do a second chance offer. If it is a high value item with only 1 feedback they may be not a decent seller anyway - was it a mobile phone, laptop or ipad? If so scammers paradise and the seller may be dodgy anyway so you would prob be better buying elsewhere?

rotavirusrita Wed 28-Nov-12 10:43:45

okay that helps a bit.
Just had a MASSIVE row about it btw sad
I only buy and never sell so losing my feedback/ account isnt a major deal.

Had left it open on the screen. will ebay on phone only from now on.

fergoose Wed 28-Nov-12 10:39:42

If they refuse to cancel the transaction simply don't pay - the worst that will happen is you will get a non payment strike on your account - they can't leave you bad feedback nor will you lose your account with just one strike

And change your ebay passwords so only you can bid in future smile

fergoose Wed 28-Nov-12 10:38:10

no you just ask the seller to cancel the transaction - they can then get their fees back and relist

rotavirusrita Wed 28-Nov-12 10:26:20

thanks for your help. had considered picking it up but its 4 hours drive away sad. I will try and con tcat the seller and see what they say.

can you pick it up? You will get your money back if it doesn't arrive - you can send them an email to make sure they charge you for special delivery as the item would then be covered by insurance.

Loupee Wed 28-Nov-12 10:19:19

The first thing you can do is contact the seller, telling them you made a mistake and would like to cancel the transaction. Then see what their response is to that.

rotavirusrita Wed 28-Nov-12 10:16:16

Just to say it would be a present for DS1 and we can't afford to pay by paypal and then claim back if item doesnt arrive this close to christmas

rotavirusrita Wed 28-Nov-12 10:15:15

DH has just bid on a high valve electrical item on ebay. and won it. he doesnt knowmuch about ebay. The seller has only 1 positive (buyer) feedback.

what should i do?? Its too late to retract the bid. Is there any way of confirming item genuine?

Many thanks

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