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Item has marks....

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SantaKissedBonkeyMollocks Wed 28-Nov-12 09:48:06

I bought a velvet bust to photograph jewellery on.
Received it yesterday. Its obviously new but has some marks arcoss it in varios places, like its been pressed against a few shelves or something ?? . These show up in the photos and I am unable to use it for the use I bought it for.

I have contacted the seller who has said that 'apparently if you brush it with a a damp cloth then it should remove the marks' , it hasn't - didn't think it would to be honest because they are indented iyswim.

I haven't told her this failed yet, can I ask for a partial refund? If I return then I am fairly sure that she won't refund p&p (which due to size I'm guessing is going to be at least £4)and I can use it, just not for what I intended.


fergoose Wed 28-Nov-12 10:00:17

you can ask for a partial refund - but seller can refuse

If you open a not as described dispute in ebay, then tick the box other and write in next to it 'refund' ebay will often refund you themselves without the need for a return. You can't force a seller to give return postage costs, but a good seller will if an item is not as described.

SantaKissedBonkeyMollocks Wed 28-Nov-12 10:08:13

Ah thankyou. I have asked for a partial refund - lets see what she says. I would be more than happy with a few quid back.

If not I will have to take it through ebay. Just checked the listing and item is described as 'Brand new, excellent quality' so definitely not as described!

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