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Problem with buyer

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fergoose Wed 21-Nov-12 14:16:20

well refund and claim from the courier really - if they open an ebay case that will happen anyway.

squashedbanana Wed 21-Nov-12 14:09:18

I sold a small electrical item that was in perfect working order, it had never been used apart from 5 minutes to try it out

Sold last week and was messaged by the buyer every day asking if it had been dispatched. Told them it was being dispatched on Friday. On Friday they messaged me to ask where it was. I told them it had been collected and was on it's way. I was then messaged Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday asking where it was. I tracked it for them and told them it had been delivered. Today they messaged me and told me it had been dropped at a neighbours who had kindly brought it round for them but the box was in shreds and half the protective packaging material was spilling out. They said they would check if the item was working later and get back to me. I have asked them for photos of the damage so I can take it up with the courier. I sent a few parcels with the same courier and all have been fine apart from this one

Call me paranoid but I am not trusting the sellers on this one. What can I do?

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