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Can't believe the seller thinks she can get away with this!

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I've just bought a Brora cardigan on ebay - one I've wanted for ages (one of the gauzy knits which were £129 in the sale) from Ebay for £60 - it arrives and it's a perfectly nice plain cardigan but they have cut the labels off a Brora garment (badly) and attached them to this one.

So not only is it not Brora but now obviously I can't tell what the wool content is as they've cut the real labels off.

Naturally they have said they don't accept returns and I've politely asked for one. I'm going to have to open a NAD aren't I? Second in the last month sad

Svrider Wed 14-Nov-12 10:42:56

Have you contacted seller?

Yes, I've contacted them and am now waiting for a response. £5 for special delivery I've paid for too which I won't get back.

fergoose Wed 14-Nov-12 10:50:47

you will get your full refund but you will need to pay for return. the seller cannot keep the outbound delivery costs. Try Collect + for a cheap method of return if possible.

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