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I don't like Ebay anymore after I was sold a fake Nintendo DSi

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ILoveToblerone Tue 13-Nov-12 15:01:29

Basically I bought 2 Nintendo DSi's for christmas presents, stupidly trying to save a bit of money I bought one as a new item on Ebay.

The item stated it was being sent from London 2nd class registered but in fact it was sent from China!

The reason I know it was a fake is I bought the other one from a main online retailer for £99, the one that sells lots of books! So when the other arrived it was all wrong, the box, documentation, it wasn't a genuine charger. The buttons were not as smooth and you could barely get the stylus in and out of the holder. Of course I had a genuine product to compare it to, many would think it was genuine - it was a good fake!

So I contacted Ebay. First I reported the item online as a counterfeit. Then I logged the item as not as described in the resolution centre and also spoke to their customer services.

Eventually I got a reply from Ebay to say they were investigating and not to return the item to the seller. That was nearly two weeks ago. The guy is still selling them online.

This guy has a high positive feedback but I left negative. His ebay messages are so nicey in broken English. Am I not happy with the product? He will refund the money if I return it to China??? Will I change my negative feedback. No wonder people take the easy route and just return the the product to these fraudsters because its the easiest way to get your money back. As it is Ebays Buyers Protection seems to stand for nothing and when you talk to their call centre you feel totally disheartened.

Havingkitties Tue 13-Nov-12 15:45:53

Normally if it is counterfeit (and its up to the seller to provide to eBay the proof that its genuine) then eBay just refund you the money (debiting it from the sellers account) and don't ask you to return it. This will take a couple of weeks as eBay will have To go through the procedure of asking the seller for the proof and the seller most likely stalling with the evidence if it is counterfeit. Once they have completed their investigation I would hope they would close the sellers account and your negative feedback will already be affecting the sales of this seller. You've done the right thing and I'm pretty sure you should get your money back soon. Stay strong and don't change your feedback.

ILoveToblerone Wed 14-Nov-12 10:28:58

Thank you for that info, it was really helpful as I wasn't sure of the whole process.

I have also contacted Nintendo and sent them photos.

Whatever happens I will still pursue it through Ebay :-)

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