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Not ebay,but real life auctions

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Mirage Mon 12-Nov-12 14:47:51

I'm going to an auction tomorrow,and went to the viewing this morning. took along some bits and pieces that I don't want to risk on ebay as I don't want to loose them to some scammer.They couldn't value them on the spot so I've made an appointment for next month.

.So I went for a wander around town and spotted an antiquarian bookshop,one of my items is a book that I can find no info on anywhere.It appears on none of the normal book websites,although other books by the same publisher do.No one has bought or sold one from what I can see,and although there are collectors,no one has one listed in their collections.So I showed it to the guy in the bookshop who said that he knew nothing about it,but offered me £30 on the spot.I declined and he told me that it was probably worth around £80+ in the open market.he said that it was in lovely condition and collectors would be very keen to get their hands on it,and has asked me to let him know if I find out anything else about it or sell it.

He asked me where I'd got it from and nearly fell over when I told him it was 10p from a car boot sale a few weeks back.grin It'll be interesting to see what the auctioneers say next month.

Ifancyanewname Sat 17-Nov-12 12:31:53

So today I had a go at buying some books, what do you think about these? Music course for teacher and student by E Markham Lee printed 1932 with an exam paper folded inside from 1949!
Verse for you book one, poetry text book from marlborough girls college dated 1964, has a library loan stamp on the inside with loads from 1966. 2 ordnance survery maps of London N.W one published 1958 and the other 1963.
What do you think about that little lot? Anything worth anything?

Mirage Sun 18-Nov-12 18:55:08

I don't know tbh.Have you checked them on one of the book websites? ABE Books are good,as are Addall.

I had a good morning,a Dunn & Co hat in perfect unused condition.50p
2 ladies hats,will sell in spring to the lead rein showing mothers,50p each
A Telstar jug 50p
A 60's nylon nightdress £1
A 50's sewing box & contents £2
A Bakelite tray with mens grooming accessories on £3
A whole bag of vintage 'pearl' necklaces and bracelets 50p
A china spaniel figure 50p

Mirage Sun 18-Nov-12 21:07:34

Oh oh! Checked the label as I hung the nightdress on the line,it says Emilio Pucci,Italy.shock

mrscumberbatch Sun 18-Nov-12 21:56:13

NO WAAAAY! Id be wearing it to every night out, regardless of the fact that it's a nightdress. I love me a bit of pucci! lol

Mirage Sun 18-Nov-12 22:06:35

It doesn't look like Pucci at all.It is cream brushed nylon with coffee coloured lace,but it was so beautifully fitted that I had to check that it wasn't an evening dress.Well worth a £1.Now,do I keep it or sell it? There is a little bit of wear underneath one of the embroidered insets,so it isn't perfect,but you have to look closely to spot it.I'll post a photo tomorrow.

I only bought it as I know nylon stuff sells well.blush

Mirage Sun 18-Nov-12 22:26:51

I thought of what you said about being blinded by the piles of shite at car boots, today Mrscgrin There was indeed,miles of piles of shite. However I was proud of the dds.I showed them a 'Homemaker' plate and told them to look for anything with that sort of pattern on it .DD1,who,bless her is the dippyest,most absent minded child ever [unless it comes to ponies] spotted one within 15 minutes-shame it was way overpriced though.

I've investigated my boxes from the auction and found some 70's textiles,50's aprons,2 19th century christening gowns,a cane handled umbrella,loads of tablecloths,napkins,tea towels from the 30's onwards,and 3 absolutely amazing shalwar kameezes,covered in gold embroidery.Also a bag of cards containing silk thread for mending your stockings and other bits like spare suspender belts,a lot of leather bags and purses,including a manicure set/sewing set.There is so much stuff that it is going to take weeks for me to assess it all.

mrscumberbatch Sun 18-Nov-12 22:57:57

Glad they're benefitting from your keen eye lol

Sounds like you were really in the zone today. The weather up here was atrocious so between parenting I have been trying to read up on chinese silver as I come across a lot of it but without knowing the cultural heritage, I don't know what it 'rare' and what isn't.

Had a surprise earlier in the year with a chinese silver purse clip, didn't think it would be worth much. I'd paid £80- expected about £150 but it went for £1200. Something to do with the characters that were engraved on it- completely oblivious!

Ifancyanewname Mon 19-Nov-12 06:57:50

Practically everything you guys mention I have to google!! Its all building my knowledge of what to look for though so thanks! Any nylon sells really well......really?!?!?

Mirage Mon 19-Nov-12 08:26:31

Yes,I don't know why,possibly some people are buying it because of the same reason they buy 'used' shoes.You see a lot advertised with the words 'soft and slippery' or even better 'scratchy'.If you want to buy something that will sell and is easily recognised,try 70's textiles,anything in browns,oranges ect.They are cheap,fairly easily found [but getting harder] and go well on ebay.Those horrid orange flowered pillowcases you remember from childhood?Well people will pay good money for them.

Mrsc,you have my respect for trying to research Chinese marks.I avoid anything oriental because it is such a huge area with such a lot to know.But I know that a lot of experts avoid it too,so there should be plenty of gems for anyone in the know to pick up.Well done with the purse though,what a result.

I'm at work this morning and off to a viewing afterwards,see what I can find!

Mirage Sun 25-Nov-12 21:38:17

Well,the hat sold for £14 tonight.I'm pleased with that.The china spaniel £1.99,not too bad.I've not been able to go car booting this weekend as MIL is here,and not been able to list much either.

New pony arrives tomorrow,so need to make some money now!

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