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To rename eBay freebay

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griphook Sun 11-Nov-12 19:32:12

Not sure if its just me but ffs.

Am really pissed off! Had buyers leave low marks on the scoring for postage and commication.

Postage: a few times I've under priced the postage so now I weight on scales, go on line, find a price then add 50p on for just in case. Buyers can see what the postage costs, it's not hidden so I can't understand why the low scores?

Communication: all my auctions end on a Sunday, I post them on Monday and mark the item as sent.
What more do people what or do?

Is it me? Or am I wrong to be pissed off

griphook Sun 11-Nov-12 19:33:48

Also now I'm ranting, but most of these threads are from sellers with arses for buyers trying to scam them or get something for free.

higgle Thu 15-Nov-12 16:42:19

I don't sell very often, a bit of a clear out of 20ish items twice a year. I always pack the items, weigh them and be sure never to over charge for postage. I don't charge extra to taken into account the trip to the post office or the materials. I always send a personal email to each buyer thanking them for buying my item and confirming it has been posted. When I started using ebay to sell about 7 years ago people used to send sweets and extra free items and really go to to town on nice packaging. If you want top rate feedback you have to offer a top rate service.

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