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seller retracting sale

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calypso2008 Sat 10-Nov-12 16:01:02

Hello all!

I have a problem and am newish to ebay. Have just purchased a 'puppy in my pocket' house and won the bid. It was only 99p, so ridiculously cheap and I suspect the seller is not happy. The postage to Europe (I live in Spain) was clearly listed and I paid instantly, by PayPal. It was not a question of having to ask for postage price etc, which I sometimes have to do.

Anyway, since winning, and paying, I have bid on numerous things to go with this item and have just received an email saying 'sorry I made a mistake will not post to you and I am going to refund your money'.

Postage was 7.95 and I don't understand if this is normal practice - that you bid on an item and then the seller can retract it.

What should I do?
Thanks for any advice.

sarahtigh Sat 10-Nov-12 16:04:19

the seller can refund but it is not good practice and you can report them, it is not like someone you has accidently allowed overseas bidders,

they could of course have miscalculated postage, but if you add in postage to Spain it definitely implies willingness to post to Spain.

I think you can report as non performing seller

calypso2008 Sat 10-Nov-12 16:14:35

Thanks so much sarahtigh I just got a message back saying 'if I am going to be funny about it' I should repay as she has refunded my money (which she has just done this second)
I really think that she didn't get what she wanted and is using postage to Spain (which I have paid for) to find an out. I have offered to pay more if that is the problem, but she seems really hostile now.

UK postage or European postage - still makes no difference really, it was listed and I am paying for it.

All her items are European postage listed (many on ebay are not) and she has loads of things - she is not new to it and I don't believe made a mistake.

Thanks again for reply, just fell a bit upset by it - for some weird reason!
Should I let it go? I don't want bad feed back as a buyer and until now, a few things I bought, I have 100% positive.

fergoose Sat 10-Nov-12 16:24:20

you can't get bad feedback as a buyer- tell the seller you will pay again and you want her to send the item you have bought

if she doesn't you will report her to ebay as a non performing seller and will leave appropriate feedback and stars. she is breaking the rules, not you.

Acandlelitshadow Sat 10-Nov-12 16:29:52

Repay. If she hasn't got as much as she wanted for it, it's her lookout for being stupid enough to start at 99p. She's trying to get out of it by using postage to Spain as an excuse. She cannot leave you negative feedback as a buyer BTW. Ebay stopped sellers being able to leave neg years ago.

You're holding all the cards. Good luck!

calypso2008 Sat 10-Nov-12 16:38:41

Oh, thanks so much for that fergoose and Acandlelitshadow that is it - she is trying to use postage price as an excuse when it surely is irrelevant. Anyway, she just wrote back (after my offer of paying more for postage if that was a problem) saying, no, she had not made a mistake in price, she just doesn't post big parcels to Spain.

Very odd, but I have now repaid and thanks for the info on not bad feedback for buyers - I had no idea on that.

Thank you!

MrsZoidberg Sat 10-Nov-12 17:33:55

There is a maximum size she can send - I'm not sure how big this item would be but the max size she can send via Airmail is no side bigger than 60cm, and if you add length plus depth plus width together, it must be less than 90cm. Sounds sufficient until you start measuring - I sell knitting bags and can't send some of them abroad!

Mind you, I personally agree that this sounds like an excuse, if she has been ebaying for a while and frequently sells abroad, she'll know about this and wouldn't list with international postage.

sarahtigh Sun 11-Nov-12 15:47:17

mrs zoidberg is right about dimensions also weight limit is 2kg but £7.95 to spain indicates weighs under 1kg, it is possible it is outsize but she should just have said that and not offered international postage

I post most things abroad but if too big, heavy or fragile, i just add to listing

" no international postage as too big/heavy/fragile"

and remove postal prices and block overseas bidders unless you do this you are technically agreeing to post abroad by default

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