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Oh fgs, another complaint on another buggy I sold :(

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HiccupHaddockHorrendous Fri 09-Nov-12 14:02:47

A few weeks ago I sold a buggy and the buyer complained and demanded to return it for a full refund. I agreed eventhough it left me almost £30 out of pocket and I found dealing with her quite stressful. I relisted it and it sold to someone who collected it and was very happy with it.

I just sold another buggy on Fixed Price listing (24hrs into a 30 day listing). The buyer has emailed to say it's arrived and that the frame is wonky and she doesn't think it's as described.

I am usually against offering partial refunds and would rather have the item back and give a full refund (not that it happens often!) but, in this case, the thought of losing out on more courier fees and having to have the damn buggy back in the house is making me lean towards offering a partial refund.

I know there are plenty of people who are giving up on eBay because of awkward buyers or bad selling/buying experiences and I am usually quite positive about all things eBay but this has really annoyed me today! I usually undersell things for fear of a buyer not being 100% happy so feel quite disheartened that this has happened twice in such a short space of time.

Just a moan really so thanks for reading, if you've got this far grin!!

fergoose Fri 09-Nov-12 14:12:56

I wouldn't offer a partial refund - many buyers will expect one and how do you know the item is faulty? If it was damaged in transit then you can claim off the courier can't you?

Has she given photos? Surely if it is damaged they won't want to keep it anyway. I would ask her to return it if I were you - don't be bullied is my advice.

Annianni Fri 09-Nov-12 14:16:29

You have my sympathy.
I've got a quite expensive pram that I am bored of want to sell, but there's too many people on ebay at the moment who want something for nothing, and the thought of that happening is making me think i'll advertise it locally and take less for it, rather than risk being messed about or lose money through having to refund etc.

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Fri 09-Nov-12 14:25:26

Fergoose - that is my usual plan of action but this will cost me £15 for the outbound courier if I refund plus extra if she insists on me paying her return postage costs. Also, the hassle of having to re-sell it is what is making me think to partially refund.

Anni - lots of people rave about Gumtree for selling as there are no fees but it depends on where you live. I've tried to sell a couple of things with no interest at all.

fergoose Fri 09-Nov-12 14:26:43

But do you believe it is damaged? Has she sent photos, and was it damaged in transit. If so you can claim from the courier can't you?

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Fri 09-Nov-12 14:41:11

I know it was fine when it left me so it could well have been damaged in transit. I've asked her to return it as she wanted 66% refund shock so will see if it is damaged and if so will claim from the courier.

fergoose Fri 09-Nov-12 14:42:24

she needs to return it in the condition in which it was received, and once you have checked your security marks you will refund her (that is what I would tell her anyway) smile

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Fri 09-Nov-12 14:58:20

The buggy has a serial number so have said I'll refund once the numbers have been checked.

I have actually bought a special pen to make security marks for ebayed items grin!

Will try it on Gumtree when I get it back (assuming it's not damaged).

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