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Pay Pal Security Holds FFS!

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FellowshipOfFineFellows Wed 31-Oct-12 08:29:00

I have had a gutful of Pay Pal.

I use it as little as I possibly can, yet, everytime I do have cause to withdraw funds, it holds them.

8 out of 9 withdrawals have now been held for security reasons. The first was held for 24, then the next two for 48, now the rest have been 72 hours.

I have phoned their Customer Service line 4 times, they talk to you like you are thick, or like you have interrupted a particularly gripping game of solitaire. 3 of those times I got the "its random" excuse. The last girl I spoke to on transaction hold 7 told me she agreed it wasn't random after every transaction is held and said it wouldn't happen again as she would have it looked into. I then read online that, due to them upgrading so users now get their cash within 2 hours rather than 3 days (meaning before when they held my money for 72 hours, I then had to wait 3 days for the bank to clear it), there was a glitch and some users accounts are being treated like mine is.

So, yesterday I decided to switch over some money as I'm running a bit low for Half Term, and guess what- payment held for security reasons for 72 hours AGAIN.

I have only ever had one transaction not be held. All my account is live and verified.

Really pissed off, as now by the time the money does hit my bank Half Term will be finished. They say its random, but if they know there is a glitch and I pay the same as everyone else for fees when I do use the service, they surely have a duty of care to rectify it.

Is anyone else having similar issues, or have you found a way of sorting them out? Have now complained again via email but last time I just got a standard bullshit response which offered no help at all.

Corygal Wed 31-Oct-12 13:14:54

I had this and, as you did, called after the umpteenth time, to get a load of jargon from a gentleman clearly reading from a sheet of paper. Finally we both laughed and he mumbled the truth - the new Paypal system doesn't work that well.

The only thing I found to stop withdrawals being blocked is to leave more than 10 per cent of the money in the account.

Oh, and good news - Paypal bizarrely gave me a load of money the other day - apparently 'a refund from your withdrawal fees'. I hadn't asked for it - but I bet it was because I complained.

Good luck, it's so annoying, I agree.

FellowshipOfFineFellows Wed 31-Oct-12 14:29:55


Just had a call back from a supervisor, what a knob!
Told me anyone saying they don't get constant holds on their money is a liar as everyone's money is held for 72 hours. Told him this is bullshit, my DP has a separate account to mine, friend's also have PayPals, in 4 years my partner has had this once. Told me I was a liar, there is nothing wrong with PayPal, its just "the way it is"

Wouldn't remove the hold, and said if my money gets held again (which it will) I just have to "deal with it".

I asked why I should pay the same fees as everyone else yet not receive the same service, t which he said I do receive the same. I hope he emails his name as I've already written a PayPal complaint about the 8 holds, but will see if I can take it further now, there must be an Ombudsmen for them.

Corygal Fri 02-Nov-12 18:28:55

Oooo, that's a problem for you - he's talking balls.

Send another complaint now or when you get 5 min - Paypal nicked some money of mine once and 3 complaints didn't get it back. It rolled in apparently by itself two weeks later.

Keep complaining, it will get a result at some stage. Aren't they crooky? An alternative will come along someday soon, too many people know Paypal isn't up to the job.

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