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I've sold a dress but put wrong size in listing

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ontheedgeofwhatever Tue 30-Oct-12 11:05:00

Have I done the right thing?

It was just a baby dress and I said it was 12-18 months. I didn't really expet moer than 99p but just wanted the space. I just took it out to send it only to discover its 6-12 months. Don't ask me how I made the mistake but I did. I've sent the following note to buyer does it seem alright?

i fully expect a neg or at best a neutral but I want to try to put it right

I'm really sorry but I've just taken this dress out to pack it and discovered I made a mistake in the listing and it is actually 6-12 months.

I can of course cancel the transaction and refund you in full but in the unlikely event you still want the dress please let me know and I'll refund you the postage in full and send the dress for the 99p you paid.

I really am sorry, this was a genuine mistake. Please let me know what you'd prefer to do.


Does that seem reasonable? Panicing now. New seller and can't afford the crap feedback this early on. I really try to make my listings accurate and can't work out how I messed this up so badly sad

HipHopOpotomus Tue 30-Oct-12 11:09:13

Hey mistakes happen! Don't beat yourself up. I think your email is great - you take responsibility, offer solutions and full refund.

I wish the buyer who listed shoes I brought at the wrong size was like you! She was a nightmare to deal with and refused to refund my postage! Even though she listed the shoes as a size small than what they were and the postage was more expensive than the shoes.

ontheedgeofwhatever Tue 30-Oct-12 11:23:10

Thank you,calming down a bit now.

I'm hoping she'll be understanding. I've just looked at her feedback and she has a neutral for exatcly the same thing - sold something as a size 16 when it was an 18.

HalleLouja Tue 30-Oct-12 20:35:04

You told her before you sent it and gave her a chance to get a refund before she received it. I think she will be fine.

I once realised there was a fault before sending and got good feedback for being an honest ebayer.

ontheedgeofwhatever Wed 31-Oct-12 13:30:23

Thank you.

Still no reponse from buyer and I cant do anything until I find out what she wants to do

ontheedgeofwhatever Sat 03-Nov-12 18:34:35

phew lovely response from buyer saying she's not checked her emails for a few days but is quite happy to take refund and cancel transaction smile

Ilovecake1 Sun 04-Nov-12 07:52:58

Awww that's fab. I wish eBay buyers were always this easy!

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