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If Buyer gives the wrong address and parcel gets lost, what happens?

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MrsZoidberg Tue 30-Oct-12 10:50:22

We have a problem ish buyer. He won something from us but is an International buyer. He emailed soon after buying to say P&P was a bit steep to his country - he had gone onto RM and found how much it should cost - so we emailed him the correct weight (rather than the one he guessed) and he asked for it to be sent to a UK address.

Got him change the address in Paypal, and all ok.

We posted it last week, and today he has said it hasn't arrived. I've emailed, asking him to get the recipient to check outbuildings, neighbours, sorting office etc, and I'm waiting for him to get back to me.

I've checked his feedback / buying history etc and he looks genuine, so I checked the UK address we sent it to. The postcode goes to the correct street, but at the wrong end. So I checked the address and the postcode is significantly different. My gut feeling is that it is the number that is wrong, as the postman should be able to figure out to put it in the correct number even if postcode is different.

So, am I obliged to refund him or would Ebay find in my favour as it is his fault?

It's a cheap item but heavy so postage was significant, and we would obviously lose this if we refund him.

fergoose Tue 30-Oct-12 10:57:29

You will have to refund and claim for the lost item from Royal Mail - without a signature you would never win a case

Did you put a return address on the parcel, also could you call the local sorting office and ask?

MrsZoidberg Tue 30-Oct-12 11:01:36


Yes, we always put on return addresses thankfully, but they take a while to come back.

I've asked them to check the sorting office, but I'll send him another email with the info re: the address, as that'll help him find it.

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