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Can the seller do this?

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mummywithnosleep Thu 25-Oct-12 08:50:52

Hi All

I don´t buy a lot on ebay, but the last couple of weeks I have been buying some things for DD.

Anyway the other day I spoted a bundle of clothes. for her, I put a bid in based on the bundle and shipping (which was 4.75) there was no comment in the advert about increased shipping costs, acutally the advert is here

No the seller has contacted me and said she want´s 8 pounds to ship the items.

Now I do NOT beleive this bundle is worth 18 GBP to ME, it maybe to some other people.

I always take into account the postage costs on anything aswell (said I know) So for example I missed another bundle as it 12GBP shipping, So the bundle was only worth 20gbp to me which meant I was paying 32gpb including postage which, was all it was worth to ME.

So what if anything can I do???


MikeLitorisBites Thu 25-Oct-12 08:55:42

It certainly doesn't show on the ad that postage may change so I doubt she is allowed to did this.

I would contact eBay and see what they say.

Imnotaslimjim Thu 25-Oct-12 09:00:02

Ebay don't allow it. If she's weighed it wrong and the postage is now higher than she thought, she has to just suck it up. She can't change the price after the auction has finished

ecto Thu 25-Oct-12 09:00:48

She's just trying to get more money because she is unhappy with her "profit". It may well be that she has undercharged for postage but that is her problem. As a seller, I have sometimes underestimated postage but you just have to suck up the loss, I think it's against the rules to ask the buyer to pay more unless it's for an upgrade to the postage service but I am not totally sure.


TobyLerone Thu 25-Oct-12 09:00:59

Are you outside the UK?

TiAAAAARGHo Thu 25-Oct-12 09:01:32

I always take into account postage too. She advertised £4.75 shipping, so unless you live outside her specified area I don't think she can increase it now.

NewFaceNeeded Thu 25-Oct-12 09:03:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

picnicbasketcase Thu 25-Oct-12 09:04:13

I don't think she can suddenly decide to charge more for p&p, otherwise everyone who had miscalculated would do it instead of just accepting that they had undercharged. Contact eBay.

NewFaceNeeded Thu 25-Oct-12 09:06:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummywithnosleep Thu 25-Oct-12 09:08:33

I´m am over seas but the item is going to a friend in the UK, I always ask for postage costs if I am asking for something to be sent to a none uk address.

I have contacted ebay (I think)? As I can not find a category for "the seller is trying to charge more after the item listing has finished"

mummywithnosleep Thu 25-Oct-12 09:09:35

Forgot to say thanks for the advice! smile

NewFaceNeeded Thu 25-Oct-12 09:14:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TobyLerone Thu 25-Oct-12 09:19:19

What NewFaceNeeded said.

mummywithnosleep Thu 25-Oct-12 09:22:05

the postal details are uk!

Not to worry will see what ebay says and up date.

Thanks for the advice though.

fergoose Thu 25-Oct-12 09:34:12

no the seller cannot increase the shipping costs after the auction ends - and you can report her to eBay for it

RugBugs Thu 25-Oct-12 09:43:20

Have some sellers never heard of couriers? Saw a thread the other day that had postage of £10, tell your seller to stop using rip off Royal Mail, you can get a 48hr courier service for £4 with proper online tracking

MrsZoidberg Thu 25-Oct-12 10:10:11

Is the UK postal address mainland uk? i.e. not Highlands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland etc?

Some couriers charge extra for these, she should state it in the listing though if that's the case.

mummywithnosleep Thu 25-Oct-12 10:12:53

Its a standard, uk postal address in a major city in the NW, on the main land!

LineRunner Thu 25-Oct-12 10:16:36

It might be cheaper for the seller to send the clothes as two or even three separate packages rather than one big package. I do this sometimes to save money.

Bizarre, but that's the Royal Mail for you.

But she can't charge any more than she said in the listing, for postage within the UK.

notcitrus Thu 25-Oct-12 10:56:26

Is it the postal address your Paypal is linked to? Sellers are only supposed to send there, so if that's overseas, then she's naturally quoting overseas postage.

mummywithnosleep Thu 25-Oct-12 11:42:30

Paypal is linked to a UK address,

I have two paypal accounts one for uk and one for Europe!

MrsZoidberg Thu 25-Oct-12 13:12:06

What is the address on Ebay though? You haven't paid it yet, so she hasn't seen the Paypal address, only the one on the sales record. iyswim

TomYumSoup Fri 26-Oct-12 18:18:53

RugBugs can you tell me who that courier is please. I usually use Citylink booked through Parcel Monkey, have also used Parcels2go and Hermes but usually get charged about £9 for a bundle. Hermes always looks cheaper but once I ask for signature & insurance the price goes up. Am always looking for a cheaper Obviously I know it depends on weight and size aswell.

RugBugs Fri 26-Oct-12 19:52:08

I use collect+, they do an eBay rate. I select the Jiffy bag service rather than box, tend to use those thin plastic sealed bag things and never had a problem, the drop off point is a helluva lot closer than the post office too!

lljkk Fri 26-Oct-12 20:09:02

Check the conditions carefully with any courier, their default insurance value is usually below Royal Mail's for instance, and Collect+ is rather strict about dimensions when it comes to boxes. Others have strict rules about how you label the item. The initial price they quote is often without VAT (I get caught out on that one a lot).

Do update OP, I'm interested what happens.

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