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Item arrived damaged!?!? What do I do?

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Ilovecake1 Wed 24-Oct-12 21:43:09

Sold an item recently for £31, I received an email from the buyer a week later saying it has a piece broken off...the item is extremely sturdy and near impossible to break and it was very well packed. I sent a lovely email back saying it was in perfect condition when it left here etc and unable to receive returns as all money raised helps my LO. I have now received an email from eBay to say she has opened a case with them and wants to return the item for a full refund....what shall I do? Do I have to give a refund? I really don't want to give a refund as all money raised goes towards my daughters therapy! Thanks for reading

GiveMeStrength2day Sun 04-Nov-12 18:25:53

Just to share my experience of item damaged in post. I was the seller. I absolutely cannot understand how the item got damaged (must have been run over!!). The buyer did appear genuine though. If I remember correctly, the post office issued a return label for nothing. However, my buyer did not keep my original (seriously sufficient) packaging so because I could not prove I'd packaged properly, the post office would not pay for damaged item. I refunded the buyer whilst I was going through the claim process - rightly or wrongly, I regretted doing the right thing in refunding as the buyer disposed of my packaging and therefore invalidated my claim. I was over £50 out of pocket in the end (given I couldn't sell the damaged item)

tutu100 Sun 04-Nov-12 18:55:53

When i had to claim for my damaged item I asked the buyer to return the item and the original packaging (they had already sent me photos of the packaging and the damage so I had them as a record as well). I then put in my claim with pictures of the damaged item and packaging the buyer had emailed me and a print out of the ebay listing to show what the item had sold for.

I kept hold of the item and packaging as Royal Mail had told me someone might be sent out to inspect it (I rang their help line to ask what to do about the buyer having the item and they said to get them to send it back to me which I thought was silly as then you wouldn't know at what point the damage may have occurred), but no one ever came out to look at it. I just got a cheque in the post about a month later with a letter saying I could now dispose of the item.

tutu100 Sun 04-Nov-12 18:58:09

I didn't refund my buyer until I had the item back. When I refunded my buyer I did refund them the postage cost to send it back as I didn't think they should be out of pocket. Royal Mail refunded me the price i got for the item and the original postage so I was out of pocket for one ways postage, but the buyer left me positive feedback and at least I wasn't out of pocket the whole amount.

Ilovecake1 Sun 18-Nov-12 10:03:47

I am back again.....she was not happy when I refused to pay return postage, but I stuck to it!! I then offered to send the recorded delivery slip and she could claim herself via the Royal Mail as she wouldn't need to pay return postage etc. a week later I had an email saying yes she would like to do that! I really don't know if I have done the right thing now because when will PayPal release my funds? Could she claim refund twice? Royal Mail and eBay? And also I am not sure if this is relevant but the message she sent was not through eBay....well I don't think it was as on my eBay page it still says waiting buyers response?! Thank you all again for any replies.

fergoose Sun 18-Nov-12 10:33:36

no that is wrong - you had the contract with royal mail so you must claim, and paypal won't release the funds unless she cancels the claim.

Tell her to return and you will refund, and you must claim for the damage

Ilovecake1 Sat 01-Dec-12 22:56:18

An update!! The buyer escalated the case and eBay decided in her favour!! No surprise there really...I think they gave her about 2 weeks to return the item and email eBay the tracking number!! Today I had an email from eBay to say due to her not sending the item back to me they have now closed the case and PayPal have released my money......from the first email I thought it was all a bit dodgy as the item is very nearly impossible to break! Obviously the item was not broken and she was probably trying to pull a fast one! Thanks to all for your help on this thread.

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