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new to selling

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jan2013 Wed 24-Oct-12 13:32:44

do you all have any tips for me please. i have some clothes to sell, mine and my dds.

do you send everything recorded delivery? i have some kitchen scales which is handy to weigh things on for postage.

so far i have taken pics of everything and uploaded them to my computer. then i went to list them on ebay, and have had a number of problems already - it kept saying to enter a value, whatever that means, and wouldn't let me go on. then it kept telling me to sign in again and every time i entered my password redirected me to the sign in bit again...

i have given up for now as i don't have time to faff about - the whole thing is very time consuming but i really hope i can get going with it.

fergoose Wed 24-Oct-12 13:38:52

clear your cookies and start again - that should sort the signing in problem

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