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Desp trying to buy advent calendar from Ebay - I live in Spain

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calypso2008 Sat 20-Oct-12 15:32:11

Anyone know why every time I try to buy something this year it says 'not delivered to Spain'? Same on Amazon.

I really want a Gisela Graham advent calendar, I am sick of Spanish Christmas traditions and for DD4 this year am determined to do normal English things.

I ordered by phone from Amazon last year above advent calender and it didn't arrive (as they didn't send it - nothing came off my credit card)

Why, those of you who are experts, would you not be able to ship to Spain? Is it a legal thing?

I know it will be expensive but I don't bloody care! It's cheaper than a flight to England!

TIA, maybe I am just being a bit dim and there is a way - if I contacted the seller and begged? Not used to ebay at all so really don't have a clue. Also, some people have a whole set of things I would add to the parcel - thus making it worthwhile.
Thanks for any explanation/advice. (Oh and it's not just one seller - it's all of them)

mummywithnosleep Sat 20-Oct-12 15:37:29

Ok where in Spain I'm 3hours south ok alicate if your anywhere near I can pick you one up on the uk?

With amazon click on free delivery under options and you should be able to get anything on the list then

I order a big wooden advent Calander last year for dd no trouble

mummywithnosleep Sat 20-Oct-12 15:39:22

eBay you need sellers that will ship internationally

I love the Spanish traditions but then dd was born here which may make a difference

calypso2008 Sat 20-Oct-12 15:47:51

That's so kind of you mummy I am 2 hours north of Alicante so too far!

I click on delivery options and it says Spain is fine - then automatically (the computer seems to know I am in Spain hmm it says 'we cannot deliver to Spain'

I love the big wooden advent calenders but was settling for the fabric ones.

I feel bad for saying about Spanish traditions - I do like them really, it's just now DD is 4 (she was also born here) I want just a bit of English infulence at Christmas.

On another note - do you do Christmas dinner British style or Spanish? If British, where do you shop for the meat etc? I find Mercadona and Consum etc don't have anything that I need to fulfil my Christmas desires!

Thanks again! I will go back and give it another go.

calypso2008 Sat 20-Oct-12 16:13:59

mummy I've cracked it!

I see what you mean about the free delivery option - hooray and thank you again. I am ordering away now (Amazon though, as Ebay, none of the sellers for the Christmas things I want ship to Spain, but that's fine - bit odd though as so many people in Spain want their English fix, I reckon they are missing out on a BIG potential market there) It's hardly like Spain is a million miles away.

Thanks again - enjoy your Christmas smile

calypso2008 Sat 20-Oct-12 16:26:02

Update, nope, get right to the end and it says won't ship to Spain.


mummywithnosleep Sat 20-Oct-12 16:29:55

ok here goes

red wooden car old style resuable advent calender

mummywithnosleep Sat 20-Oct-12 16:34:33

wooden house

Well those two are definately ok to be shipped to spain for free! yay.

We don´t do Christmas dinner as such as we work all through christmas but do leg or pork with crackling, Turkey (both from the butchers)

Sausage rolls, pork pies, christmas cake, mince pies, yule logs etc we make our selves from scratch

swooosh Sat 20-Oct-12 16:35:41

doesn't amazon ship to Spain? Any on there?

calypso2008 Sat 20-Oct-12 18:01:51

mummy thanks again. How amazing to take time to do that for me! That is really kind of you (especially as you have no sleepsmile) I am going to look at that wooden house... it is exactly the sort of Englishness I am after.

I have now phoned the lady (she runs a big shop type thing on ebay rather than the bidding thing although she does that as well) and she will ship to Spain, she said that Ebay make it so complicated that unless someone contacts her directly it has to say 'will not ship to Spain/wherever' so I must put in my orders and then email her and pay by paypal.

She was a lovely lady and sounded like she had this question a lot. Said she had just posted to Italy and France and both times people had phoned her in frustration.

Swoosh, Amazon no, (at least not for what I am after, books I think are fine, but I want Christmas/gifty things made by a specific company so I am being picky) it says no either at the beginning of the order or when you have put all your details in. This has definitely changed since last year.

mummy I have to find a good butcher - can't get pork with crackling for the life of me. They cut all the fat off here for some reason. (Valencia) Therefore it is all I want! I think where you are you may have more choice. Bit small town here in my place near Valencia!

mummywithnosleep Sat 20-Oct-12 19:00:33

Ask for con pe all phonetic

Actually you need to tell them that you want con gru a sa y pe al phonetic

Valencia is gorgeous

Im right where the gota fria was a couple of weeks back

You can also use bit the prices are much better on .uk

Also next international site for Spain have a good range

Marks and spencer ship out here for a flat rate

Argos in Spain

Think house of fraiser too

Toys r us definite no no

Bit the entertainer definatu does and they have a great range of toys

Pm if you want to chat

Hope that helps

mummywithnosleep Sat 20-Oct-12 19:01:49

Sorry international next have a good range for spain

mummywithnosleep Sat 20-Oct-12 19:02:49

Oh and I'm in deleverence country but I've got very demanding if the butchers

sarahtigh Sat 20-Oct-12 21:10:08

I just do not get why its complicated to ship to Spain, I sell on ebay (though not advent calendars, Spain is Europe it costs the same as shipping to france italy germany etc,

I sell ceramics and have very easily sent at least 4 parcels to spain in past month lladro figures etc

maybe some don't post to Spain because of postal system, maybe too much stuff goes missing, I have never had a parcel go missing in Spain or Italy though some think every second parcel goes missing but maybe it s just a problem with communal flats without separate letter boxes

postage only comes in 3 categories 1.Europe ( includes all russia and turkey) 2. most the rest of the world USa canada china etc and finally
3. australia /new zealand and islands in pacific

so sending to spain should not be a problem and it is just lies that ebay make it hard,

calypso2008 Sat 20-Oct-12 22:18:42

Ah Ha mummy but I had a tornado week before last - destroyed all the trees/cars/lamposts and the fair. The persianas blew off all the buildings and I watched the trees be literally blown away, roots and all, opposite my flat. I saw your gota fria on the news - it was the same weekend I think.

Sarahtigh I think (having lived in Italy) that there it is different - but here in Spain it really is not a problem, the postal service is actually great. Italy, not so great (8 years ago in Rome, I don't know now)

To update: I have ordered and paid for all my Christmas Englishy stuff and am excited... I put in the Spanish address and was not allowed to pay, so emailed the seller as she instructed and then got a message from paypal - Spanish paypal, so the seller must have authorised that I was a buyer, and it was all straightforward in the end, but as I was paying it still said ' we do not accept payments from Spain'

It did take me three hours to do this hmm

EXTREMELY excited about M&S shipping out here. I think you have been here longer than me mummy you seem a bit more clued up. I have only been here 6 years hmm

I am phonetically armed for the butcher at least. Thanks! smile
If you are ever near Valencia/Gandia - give us a shout - we´ll go for a vino - would be lovely.


calypso2008 Sat 20-Oct-12 22:25:37

Sarahtigh sorry, don't know if I was making myself clear there - I agree with you totally, I don't understand WHY it would be a problem myself - hence posting here for advice. Spain, as you say, is hardly the back end of the world.

If I hadn't phoned the seller though, I would not have been able to buy the items - and that went for at least ten ebay sellers/amazon sellers I looked at.


mummywithnosleep Sun 21-Oct-12 08:47:04

Been here nearly 5 years, but I have a few factors that make me a little more deterimined to get stuff. IE. DP is gigantic in comparison to the spanish, so there is a clothes issue. By the way ship out here. As do so that is most sportish clothes sorted. Walking Tall for men with big feet ship out here. DD4 is in 8-9year old clothes from Next and Marks etc. I believe Evans also ship out here.

If you ever want to chat, just pm!

FredWorms Mon 22-Oct-12 16:18:17

I have an ebay shop. I ship to Spain regularly, no problem at all.

Italy, though, I have crossed off the list as too much goes missing. Corrupt in the extreme, apparently.

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