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how long should i give seller?

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colleysmill Sat 20-Oct-12 12:38:36

Bought lots from eBay without a problem but we bought a tiny part for our campervan (postable) 3 weeks ago and still haven't received it.

I contacted the seller last Friday who agreed to post another one out but to date we have received neither packages.

So how long is reasonable before I contact him again? He has good previous feedback and I've triple checked the address we provided.

fergoose Sat 20-Oct-12 14:12:42

I would contact again now and if no joy open a case - I think you are being very patient. I normally chase up after a week

colleysmill Sat 20-Oct-12 15:34:20

Thanks fergoose. I hoped to give him the benefit of doubt but its getting ridiculous now!

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