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ending auction early - can this be done?

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shelley72 Sat 20-Oct-12 07:25:59

i have an item which is starting at 99p, and there is already one bid on the item there are 5 days left to run, and have quite a few watchers. i have had a message from a potential bidder to ask if they paid me now would i end the auction early?

usually i let the auction run - and i already have a bid - but i feel really guilty for saying no as the person needs the item quickly. could i consider a buy it now offer and change the auction - or is it too late as there is already a bid?

does that make sense? its too early for ebay dilemmas smile

stumpymosha Sat 20-Oct-12 13:57:09

I've done it. I had bids on a pair of shoes and I added a buy it now option of £50. You will pay more ebay fees for adding buy it now to your auction. Think about what you want, don't feel guilty for saying no to a potential customer. More than one person is going to miss out on your sale to the winning bidder anyway. You don't have a duty to make someone a 'winner' just because they sent you a message guilt tripping you.

sarahtigh Sat 20-Oct-12 21:18:36

if you want to add BIN you have to cancel all bids first, however it depends if offer is decent, watchers unless 30-40 of them do not really mean much you could have 12 watchers and it still sell for 99p in 5 days or you can sell now,

check on completed listings what they go fro if you hope you £10 ask for £12 now if they agree great, obviously will cost to add BIN but you will not be adding BIN at 99p so the amount you sell will easilty cover extra fees

shelley72 Mon 22-Oct-12 12:56:49

thank you for your help. i managed to cancel the bids and the item sold.

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