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Is this a fair deal?

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Havingkitties Thu 18-Oct-12 12:15:00

I accepted back an outfit which I sold on best offer after the buyer said that the chest size was 38 inches rather than 40 inches as listed and it was too small. I was a bit surprised and told them this as I had measured it twice and my husband who the outfit was from, bought it as a size 40. Anyway I couldn't be doing with a to and fro about who was right and the buyer seemed fairly pleasant about it, so I accepted it back - I got it back today and it does measure 40 inches (in fact slightly over!).
I feel a bit done over, fees wise and morally!
I was going to refund them minus the postage now (I was planning to refund them all of it, but now I feel not at fault for what seems like a simple, not liking the item perhaps or maybe someone underestimating their size) and then ask if they will cancel the transaction or whatever it is to get my fees back (item sold for £75 so will be a bit costly fees whys). Does this sound fair?
BTW am aware they could neg, but then so could anyone, not really bothered as I can always follow it up with a reply and I do feel I have been reasonable. Also aware that they can file item not as described and there is the ebay buyer bias but I dont mind if ebay side with them - at least I may have a chance not to be so out of pocket!
I miss the good ol' ebay days circa around 10 years ago when ebay was all good and rosy (I say through probavby some old memory rose tinted glasses)

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