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eBay/Paypal account defaulted to old (incorrect) primary address. Anyone else had this?

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PoppyScarer Tue 16-Oct-12 18:56:15

I categorically have not updated my Primary address or any other addresses on eBay/PayPal for many months.

Out of the blue at the weekend I made two purchases and the address defaulted to another, old address. I didn't notice until just now because I made the purchases on a mobile device and I just hit "confirm and pay". I saw the address info in the confirmation email when I checked my email just now.

I checked my account and the old one was listed as the "Primary Address".

I know I did not change it. I didn't even know how to change it until I looked a few minutes ago!

Luckily I contacted both buyers and only one had sent the item. But still, it's an item for which I've paid £20 that has possibly disappeared into the ether. Or at least caused the seller and I a load of aggro.

I have contacted eBay and they say they can see I didn't update my address (before just now when I deleted the old one) and started talking about my account being hacked.

My only other thought was that maybe the DCs changed it somehow, but I don't see how (they are aged 1 and 4).

Has anyone else experienced this?

FishfingersAreOK Tue 16-Oct-12 23:33:10

Weird. I bought something from eBay last night and same thing...though mine was different in that I know for certain I have updated paypal and thought I had also done eBay. But when confirmation came through said old address.
I emailed seller and also still have post redirect on (also only a £1 tile sample) so not fussed enough to do anything more. Wonder if they had a technical glitch?

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