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Buyer selected postage

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chillikat Tue 16-Oct-12 14:11:52

Is there anyway to prevent buyers from selecting a different delivery method from that on the listing? My listing had Collect+ as delivery method buy my buyer has changed this to Royal Mail 2nd class recorded. However, the parcel is too heavy for 2nd class and sending first class recorded would cost me half as much again as she's paid for postage.

What do others do in this situation?

lljkk Tue 16-Oct-12 16:45:28

Cheeky mare!
I've a notion what to do, but see if Fergoose replies.

fergoose Tue 16-Oct-12 16:51:46

refund and re-invoice I reckon - and you need to change your settings so buyers can't change the invoice at checkout.

chillikat Tue 16-Oct-12 18:01:51

Ah, no, that isn't quite what I meant. I'm sure I specified delivery would be Economy courier and had postage as such. Postage paid is what I specified it's just she's selected a different method. To be honest I've still gone with Collect+ but wondered if she'd be pissed off - guess I'll find out with any feedback.

Interesting about buyers being able to change the invoice - can they really chage the price!? shock I'll have a look at that later. Thanks fergoose.

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