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I haven't paid enough postage...advice please

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curlydolly Mon 15-Oct-12 16:39:46

I bought postage online and took my parcel to the PO. Apparently I need to pay an extra 90p because I didn't weigh it correctly. Im not sure how that happened as I haven't had any trouble with my scales before but I don't know what to do now and she wasn't exactly Mrs Helpful. Would it be easier to get a refund and re do it (now I know what the actual weight is) or should I just try and 'adjust' the packaging?!
Also she was a bit shirty because apparently post offices don't get paid anything for accepting pre paid parcels and was clearly trying to put me off coming in again. I only had a couple of packages and thought that was a bit unfair. Is this common?

fergoose Mon 15-Oct-12 17:38:49

if you did it online you can cancel the label and re-purchase for the correct amount.

Post Offices don't get commission if you print postage at home - but that is no excuse for her to be so rude! But yes, I have heard others get the same reception.

curlydolly Mon 15-Oct-12 20:32:04

Thank you fergoose I have cancelled it and going to alternative PO tomorrow!! The one I was referring to is quite small but you can park outside which is why I go there. Maybe everyone else is doing the same thing and shes had enough!

LineRunner Wed 17-Oct-12 10:50:03

I'm lucky I have a choice of Post Offices near me. At one, the staff are helpfulness personnified. They say they love ebayers because we keep it busy and thus their jobs safe.

At the other Post Office, some (not all, interestingly) of the staff keep trying to persuade me to take out a P.O credit card and pay for unnecessary extra postage (recorded, registered, insured blah blah) for bog standard items like t-shirts.

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