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International Shipping

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HardHittingLeafletCampaign Mon 15-Oct-12 16:38:48

Sorry, this has probably been asked before buy my searches are likely substandard smile

I have listed a couple of clothes items this weekend. One is just a pair of jeans I don't expect to go for much but another is a leather item that is seeming quite popular based on watchers, questions and some early bids.

I don't often post things for sale on Ebay and so am not experienced at it and when setting it up just set a price for signed for first class delivery for the more expensive item. It seems to have set itself, or I set it to, UK buyers only. I'm getting some questions about shipment prices for Russia, Hungary and France. I don't know if I can still ship internationally without changing the settings (it's not letting me anyway) and if I can just adjust the shipment price on the invoice after the auction has ended?

Also - I'm not sure about shipping to Russia! I have a feeling the item might not get there but don't want to rule someone out, I find it really annoying when people won't ship things internationally so..

Anyway - any advice? Anything I should be doing differently and can I adjust the invoice accordingly for an international buyer or am I stuck with the UK shipment cost?

MrsZoidberg Mon 15-Oct-12 18:03:43

It always amazes me that some Ebayers won't do International. I've had more difficult buyers from the UK than abroad. The only issue I have had was with a parcel getting damaged. The courier company took some details and then refunded me in full.

The biggest issue with sending abroad is of course cost. RM is the cheapest option but it has to be under 2kg and the dimensions (i.e. l+w+d) less than 90cm. If you can't send it Airmail, then it may not be worth it. You can check the Airmail prices on the RM website and use somebody like Parcel2Go or ParcelMonkey to get quotes for couriers.

All my items have Interntaional postage listed on them, but before I did this, I just invoiced them after they bought it. I always have something on my listings to say to contact me for a quote before buying.

Hope all that helps.

HardHittingLeafletCampaign Mon 15-Oct-12 18:11:38

Thank you! So if they pay before I have a chance to send them an adjusted invoice is that a problem?

MrsZoidberg Mon 15-Oct-12 18:37:59

I have had International buyers manage to pay before the invoice - they seem to add their own P&P figure hmm. I think Ebay/Paypal set the P&P figure to £0, but I'm not sure if they have anything in place to block them from paying (see earlier comment grin)

If they do not pay enough, refund their Paypal payment and send them an invoice.

MrsZoidberg Mon 15-Oct-12 18:41:29

International buyers are fun - I've just posted a plastic storage box to America - the item cost £12 and they have paid over £15 in postage! I have also just sold Easter Chicks (you know those little fluffy yellow things for decorating Easter cakes, hats etc) to Brazil grin

HardHittingLeafletCampaign Mon 15-Oct-12 20:09:10

Brilliant! Thank you, I'd forgotten the complexities!

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