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Buggy bought on Ebay and i now opened a case to get a partial refund

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BornToShopForcedToWork Sun 14-Oct-12 19:33:47


I bought a nearly new buggy on Ebay and picked it up last week. I didn't have much time and left quickly. As soon as I left the building i noticed that the Front wheels are broken and certainly much much older than 3 months. I have the same buggy bought in March and the wheels look 10 times better. I opened a case to get a partial refund so that i can buy new front wheels. What are my chances?

fergoose Sun 14-Oct-12 19:35:50

none as far as I know - did you pay by paypal or cash

if paypal eBay will tell you to return via trackable means for a full refund - the only chance of a partial one is if the seller does it themselves. What has the seller said?

why didn't you take it straight back before you left?

RandomMess Sun 14-Oct-12 19:36:06

urgh I had this issue over a bike, it was in much worse condition than described but wasn't obvious to me when I collected. I offered to return it but no Ebay ruled in their favour, I got ripped off, harsh lesson to learn sad

How are the wheels broken btw?

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