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Item damaged during postage. Do I have to pay to return it? I would be out of pocket!!?

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Willmouse Sun 07-Oct-12 20:17:43

Bought buggy described as good as new. packaged badly and arrived with damaged handles and hood but still useable. Is in good condition besides that and probably was good as new before it was so badly posted.

I asked for partial refund because it is still useable but is scuffed. I would prob not of bid for it as I hate it when the foam goes on buggy handles. I may be able to replace the handles for £20, not looked into it.

Sellers say to return it and they will refund me the cost of item. By my reckoning I will be out of pocket by at least £30. Surely that's not right.

fergoose Sun 07-Oct-12 20:42:29

a good seller should pay return costs but there is no way of enforcing that - but you are entitled to a full refund plus p&P of all that you paid the seller. They cannot just give you back the item cost and keep the postage charge.

If you open a case with eBay, tick the box other then write next to it refund, once escalated eBay may give you a refund without the need for return, or they may give you a prepaid label to return it free of charge. Worth a punt.

then of course you can leave appropriate feedback and stars.

Would it really cost £30 to courier it back - that seems v expensive btw?

Willmouse Sun 07-Oct-12 20:50:29

I have opened a case asking for a partial refund.

Sellers have said they will refund the item not the P&P (which was £15) hence me thinking if I had to return it at a cost of £15 it would be £30.

Shall I leave it for eBay to decide then?

I took photos before I opened it up as it was a double buggy covered in one layer of bubblewrap and an envelope stuck to it with the brake poking out a hole which had been created presumably during transit.

fergoose Sun 07-Oct-12 21:06:11

yes eBay will tell you to return it at your expense for a full refund - but you will be out of pocket for return costs. eBay won't give you a partial refund.

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