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I'm new to selling - how long do you wait to be sure buyers are not going to try to return etc...?

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fudge74 Thu 04-Oct-12 20:59:32

Hi there ebay experts! I had my first round of auctions finish last saturday and sold 10 of the 14 things I'd put on smile
I posted them all on Monday morning (all had paid straight away, thankfully) and I have had two buyers come back with small problems, one of which is already resolved.
My question is, how long should I wait till I can be sure there will be no other problems - I don't want to go spending my paypal credit only to find I am getting other returns!!
Also, why do people say 'no returns' if you can't refuse a return?

fergoose Thu 04-Oct-12 21:11:56

A buyer has 45 days to open a paypal dispute for not received/as described.

No returns means nothing, and a seller can't refuse a return if an item is not as described.

bigpaws Fri 05-Oct-12 05:32:05

I am also new to selling on EBay. I have restrictions on my account -
1) I can only sell up to 10 items a month
2) my PayPal money isn't available until after 45 days OR until the buyer has left positive feedback.
I think you just need to patiently wait for either!

fudge74 Fri 05-Oct-12 16:50:13


So can you refuse a return if the item IS as described? I recall reading on this thread someone advising to make description as brief as possible. What is the balance between a good description and one that is bound to come back and bite you??

fergoose Fri 05-Oct-12 16:57:13

no you can't refuse a return - a buyer would just open a not as described dispute against you and would probably leave a neg and low stars too.

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