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What can be done about unreasonable buyers leaving bad ratings?

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solidgoldbrass Wed 03-Oct-12 00:01:54

I don't charge postage on most of my items and send them normally through the Royal Mail as it actually makes more economic sense to do this and need to send out the occasional replacement when the posties steal or eat the sold items than to send everything recorded and charge for doing so. I have just had a couple of negs for 'Item Not Recieved' from buyers who made no attempt to contact me to let me know this, even though I state in my listings that people should get in touch if this happens.

I have also got 4 'Item not as described' ratings in detailed seller ratings, and again I have had no contact from any buyers complaining about this.

Anyone got any advice on what can be done to prevent this in future or defend myself if Ebay want to shut my account?

fergoose Wed 03-Oct-12 07:46:43

nothing really can be done unless the feedback left breaks the rules, then eBay will remove it. Sadly some buyers don't get in touch before leaving feedback and nothing you can say on a listing will change that

You could contact the buyers and ask them if you could resolve the issue and then send them a feedback revision request, but I doubt they will be amenable to do that - worth a try though.

picnicbasketcase Wed 03-Oct-12 07:49:52

You could just leave a reply to a bad feedback saying 'no contact from buyer, would have been happy to resolve any problems' or similar and hope that when other buyers look at negs they'll realise that those buyers have been unreasonable.

lljkk Wed 03-Oct-12 08:05:14

Problem with DSRs is you can't easily reply to individual ratings, rather unfair when buyer has unrealistic expectations!

sarahtigh Wed 03-Oct-12 08:26:10

if feedback says broken reply

no contact from buyer but would replace/refund broken item on receipt of photo

or just

" sorry you are not happy if you had got in touch would have resolved issue"

solidgoldbrass Wed 03-Oct-12 10:58:56

I did PM a couple of them but got no response - I was very polite and offered refund or replacement, whichever they preferred, but they still didn't respond. I'm just worried that I'll get my account shut down and have to start again with zero feedback sad.

MrsZoidberg Wed 03-Oct-12 10:59:44

I had a buyer from US. She bought 2 of an item and paid wthout waiting for an invoice - so postage was doubled. I sent them off and refunded one of the postage costs.

She left feedback saying items were excellent but my postage costs were way over the top.

I just left a reply saying "Pls check Paypal as I refunded the excess on the <day I posted>"

I also emailed her a polite note explaining this and asking her to revise her DSRs - no reply! What annoys me most is it says on my invoices that if I haven't left a refund for excess postage, it's an oversight and please email me and I will be happy to do so.

Of course, it could just have been a comment on the extortionate prices RM are now charging !

Katiekitty Wed 03-Oct-12 19:46:00

Wish there was something to be done

Had a buyer (with rating of 12) leave a neg with no contact, saying shoes 'didn't fit'.

Checked their feedback left and it was littered with negs for everything they'd bought. Most respnses were along the lines of 'meh, new ebayer'

I just replied calmly and blocked them.

Swore lots though. They marked down on DSRs and it really shows.

Will watch thread for further advice on what to do.

Tryharder Wed 03-Oct-12 20:19:55

Second the advice to leave a pleasant response to bad feedback. I had a couple with neutrals last year and replied to each one saying "sorry you were unhappy, wish you had contacted me first" or words to that effect.

As for low stars, some people will never be happy whatever you do! I always post second class the day after payment and don't always get 5 stars.

LineRunner Thu 04-Oct-12 00:32:02

Ditto above.

Also, having realised that (a) there are some barking mad buyers on EbaY and (b) I sold as much on low feedback as I now do on moderate feedback, I wouldn't cry too much about having to set up a new account and start again.

Good listings are the key.

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