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Seller wants to cancel transaction

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YouMayLogOut Sun 30-Sep-12 16:41:52

Bought something on eBay (Buy It Now) but several days later, seller then tells me she doesn't have that size after all. Fast forward another couple of weeks and I get an eBay message saying the seller wants to "cancel the transaction" and if I don't reply it will automatically be cancelled anyway. I understand they get their fees refunded if the transaction is cancelled in this way.

Should I accept the cancellation? I don't really see why they should get their fees back as they were wasting my time by selling something which wasn't really available. However what happens if I don't agree to cancel the transaction? Am I then liable to buy something which isn't available? confused

fergoose Sun 30-Sep-12 17:20:00

If you don't agree it will cancel automatically and the seller will get their fees back - so if you want to stop that you need to refuse it.

But no, not liable - how could you be if they haven't got the item to sell

YouMayLogOut Sun 30-Sep-12 22:08:09

Thank you! Have rejected the "cancel transaction" request.

Makes sense that I'm not liable as they haven't got the item to sell, why didn't I think of that? grin

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