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Can't leave feedback

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RaisinHell Sat 29-Sep-12 10:29:08

I bought an item, it was a personalised pencil case for my son for the start of term. It didn't arrive within a few days and I contacted the seller to confirm it had been posted. She said yes but offered a refund anyway which I thought odd (a bit quick), I said I'd wait a little longer. After a couple of weeks I contacted her again and said it still hadn't arrived and so please could she refund me now. She agreed however she didn't do this and I had to keep asking her to which she finally did.
I wanted to leave a feedback comment on this about non-receipt(I actually don't think the item was ever made or sent) and slow to refund(even though quick to offer). Anyway, when I have gone to leave feedback it says I can't as 'the item number doesn't exist' or I have already left it (I haven't). Has she somehow removed the item so that I can't leave feedback??

SecretCermonials Sat 29-Sep-12 10:34:56

This happened to me on a fraudulent transaction, the seller somehow deleted the item i had to go through paypal to get money back, and still couldn't leave feedback for the frauding bastard even though ebay acknowledged the fraud!

fergoose Sat 29-Sep-12 10:44:38

the seller must have sent a cancellation request? If you ignored the request it would cancel automatically then you wouldn't be able to leave feedback.

RaisinHell Sat 29-Sep-12 10:53:33

Sorry!! I have worked it out. I have been selling items for my Dad under his user id recently. Ebay/Firefox seem to keep switching between my user id and Dad's, so even though I have logged on as me and had answered messages from my box, when I went to click on feedback it swapped to Dad's user. I am really going to have to watch this, don't want to end up selling my stuff on his or bidding as him.
In the end I could leave feedback but decided not to as I read the rest of the seller's feedback, it's a big power seller selling hundreds of items and the comments he leaves for people are downright rude - telling them to go to Specsavers, calling them fruitcake, peasant, delusional shock
He has enough negative feedback, after reading it I just decided not to get involved any further. It seems as if I was lucky to get a refund.

Thanks a lot.

fergoose Sat 29-Sep-12 12:46:27

if the seller is leaving negative comments for buyers they can be removed as it is against the rules. Don't be bullied is my advice.

RaisinHell Sat 29-Sep-12 18:15:11

Fergoose, thanks. I agree with you in principle, however my experience of ebay means that in practice I'm not sure. A couple of times I have used the ebay help online chat thing and they have been useful. Last year I had a buyer who claimed my item was not as described (it was), but fine I said send it back and I will refund you, she claimed she could not send it back as she could not get out to the PO as she was disabled, ok I said no problem, take your time, whenever you are next out or maybe a friend could post it. No, she was not able to return it. She wanted to keep it and have a full refund shock She got quite nasty but I remained calm. I trawled her feedback and found she had left a really OTT gushing comment for another seller with a similar item. I contacted him and found the same thing had happened to him but he had let her keep the item and refunded her. I told all this to ebay, nothing, she left me negative feedback and they wouldn't remove it. I did everything I should, offered full refund on return of item, what more could I have done? Sometimes it's hard not to be bullied on ebay.

fergoose Sat 29-Sep-12 20:04:20

Yes but that was a buyer - sellers can no longer leave neg feedback for buyers, it is not allowed. And if they leave a negative comment on a positive feedback eBay will remove it - and the seller will be reprimanded for breaking the rules. So go ahead and leave your feedback for your rubbish seller - and low stars too, as a buyer that is your right.

Your buyer didn't break any rules, it is their right to leave feedback which is their opinion of the transaction.

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