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How do I report something on ebay?

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SunshineOutdoors Sat 22-Sep-12 17:52:43

Just seen a listing that in my opinion contains offensive language in the description. I'd like to report it, how do I do this?

SunshineOutdoors Sat 22-Sep-12 17:54:03

I don't want to get into a discussion with the seller about it, I'd just like ebay to consider removing one sentence from the listing.

DanyTargaryen Sat 22-Sep-12 17:54:09

Look on the right near the rectangular box with size info in it, should be above that or nearby I believe.

DanyTargaryen Sat 22-Sep-12 17:54:26

Or link it and I'll do it?

NorbertDentressangle Sat 22-Sep-12 17:57:39

Its on the right hand side, underneath the box with the Seller Info. It says 'Report Item'

SunshineOutdoors Sat 22-Sep-12 17:59:49

It's here. The sentence in different colours. Fwiw I think the seller is not trying to be offensive, means it in an almost endearing (?) way. I just don't think it should be written on ebay and I felt a bit cross when I read it. Hope I'm not being unreasonable.

SunshineOutdoors Sat 22-Sep-12 18:00:53

I just read it again and don't think IABU tbh.

SunshineOutdoors Sat 22-Sep-12 18:03:56

Thanks, I've reported it. Didn't see that 'report item' link but when you pointed it out it was quite obvious blush

I reported it also. Racist, it's not just you.

SunshineOutdoors Sat 22-Sep-12 18:08:10

Thanks, it is isn't it? Don't know why I doubted myself.

SunshineOutdoors Sat 22-Sep-12 22:04:10

How long before they get rid? If it was on mumsnet it would be long gone by now

LineRunner Sun 23-Sep-12 09:53:23

Their feedback left for others is a tad eccentric.

TheMonster Sun 23-Sep-12 09:55:57

It is still there now but I have reported it again.

ChesterCake Sun 23-Sep-12 14:01:21

I've reported it too, hope it gets removed soon

SunshineOutdoors Mon 24-Sep-12 17:20:13

It's still there angry I've reported it twice. Does that mean eBay don't agree it needs to be removed?

gallicgirl Mon 24-Sep-12 17:30:35

Meh, I reported shill bidding once and nothing was done. I wonder if they're not that vigilant.

SunshineOutdoors Mon 24-Sep-12 17:34:49

I'm not sure what that is blush

Surely if something is offensive it should be removed though?

gallicgirl Mon 24-Sep-12 18:00:37

Shill bidding is when you get a friend to hike up bids or use a fake account to raise the bids so you get a higher sale price.

EdMcDunnough Mon 24-Sep-12 18:03:04

He sounds like a wanker. No one decent will buy it anyway.

elfycat Mon 24-Sep-12 18:04:37

I just reported it too, in case they only do something when it hits 10 complaints?

Allice Mon 24-Sep-12 18:17:22

Someone has contacted the seller and told him it's being discussed here, he's updated his listing mentioning it.

Well IMHO the seller is a racist twat. No offense and all that hmm I was going to say he was a racist cunt but he might take it the wrong way. What with his eccentric sense of humour.

fergoose Mon 24-Sep-12 19:25:46

I agree - and all he has to do is cancel the bids and amend the listing, or end the listing and start again without the hateful 'jokey' comments. His extra comment just paints him even further in a bad light I reckon.

Since when has a racist comment ever been humorous?

SunshineOutdoors Mon 24-Sep-12 19:30:44

Maybe the seller has a point I should have asked them to remove it instead of talking about it on here? Sometimes I forget this isn't just a private place for me to ask lots of like-minded and not so like-minded people advice grin

I was more surprised the sentence wasn't just removed by eBay pretty much as soon as it was reported.

Glad you all do seem to agree with me though.

SunshineOutdoors Mon 24-Sep-12 19:35:21

I don't mean the seller had a point in what they wrote by the way, just in saying that I could have spoke to them directly instead of talking about it on here. I'm too much of a coward though grin

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