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Someone said I'm rude! Please help!

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karatekimmi Fri 21-Sep-12 16:25:51

I have sold an iTemt and sent it but it hasn't been recieved yet. We have had email contact but it was only sent on Monday, second class, and I don't believe te post office will investigate yet. However I am very shocked as she has said she will report me for being offensive. I have read back the conversations and I am unsure what part is offensive. I have tried to find how to contact eBay regarding this, but i can't see what to report it as.

I am happy to post the conversation but not sure what te protocol on posting "private?" emails from someone on a public forum is?

Should I get in first, and report her, or wait and see what happens?

fergoose Fri 21-Sep-12 16:27:44

you can't really report her, but messages you receive can be reported. You scroll down in the message and can report from there.

If the buyer is harassing I would suggest not responding, except to say you will claim from royal mail in 15 working days. I think you will need to refund before then as that is a long time for a buyer to wait, but I think 4 days is far too hasty to refund yet.

80sbabe Fri 21-Sep-12 22:04:30

Yes I would agree with fergoose - just send a polite response asking them to wait a couple more days and to then let you know if it's still not been received. I'd probably give it a week or so.

Also ask them to make sure it isn't waiting to be collected at their post depot or has been taken in by a neighbour.
Try and be reassuring to them by saying you'll be happy to claim for the loss from Royal Mail which will hopefully placate them.
It may be worth giving Ebay customer services a call to ask them to review the messages and also as said above reporting their messages if they are rude or abusive to you.

It's not nice when you come across buyers like this but providing you remain polite and responsive you can't do any more really.

Good luck with it.

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