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Christmas Challenge! £300.00 by Christmas.

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BenedictsCumberbitch Sun 26-Aug-12 16:51:07

I'm getting back into my eBaying, massive clear outs will keep me busy over this free listings weekend, wondered if anyone wanted to join me in making Christmas as cheap as possible and having the good people of eBay pay for most of it!

BenedictsCumberbitch Mon 27-Aug-12 17:00:01

My Stuff So Far

I'm listing more stuff now!

LineRunner Mon 27-Aug-12 17:28:18

The flower girl dress is lovely.

BenedictsCumberbitch Mon 27-Aug-12 17:32:15

It's so creased as useless DH dropped it off it's hanger in the cupboard the other week and neglected to mention it! If it doesn't sell I'll give it an iron over and rephotograph it. Though it wouldn't harm to try on a free weekend.

BenedictsCumberbitch Mon 27-Aug-12 17:32:33

What is everyone else selling?

membershipcard Mon 27-Aug-12 17:38:09

I should join you. hmm

LineRunner Mon 27-Aug-12 17:44:52

I'm selling a couple of DS's xbox 360 games, some clothes that he and DD have grown out of, and a few 'collectable' books.

We usually get a very good price for the xbox games, much better than trade-in value. (DS writes the blood-curdling descriptions.)

Katiekitty Mon 27-Aug-12 19:32:21

Just got off the sofa and have listed 22 items today.
Am now back on the sofa and obsessively checking watchers.

Good luck all Mnetters selling stuff!

CagneyNLacey Mon 27-Aug-12 21:23:00

Count me in, I need dosh for Christmas too. I havent listed since Feb so took a guess at postage. Bit of a mistake as looks like it's increased quite a bit. Have had to start amending my postage costs.

I have 30+ items listed here but really just threw them on without making my photos or description look very good as I'm knackered. Will revise tomorrow if I get a chance.

Most of the stuff listed is what was within grabbing difference of the loft hatch blush so it's all a bit random and I have tonnes of clothes and baby crap to get rid of too.

I put some used girl's tights on and immediately got a few watchers on them for some reason confused so I put some used socks on too!

griphook Mon 27-Aug-12 21:26:04

Ooh can I join, just started selling and wanted to ask a question and saw this thread.

Not sure I will make anywhere £300, but can only try

McPhee Mon 27-Aug-12 21:31:58

Count me in too.

It's going to take me a few days to get organised, but I really need to make some cash.

MrsKwazii Mon 27-Aug-12 21:33:49

Count me in - need to declutter and any extra cash is always welcome.

Car boots are awash with beanies for 50p at the moment Voldemort - would have thought Disney ones would have a bit more of a following though.

I've only started selling a few bits this year - are there certain things that sell better in the run-up to Christmas at all? Have some 1980s toys that I'm thinking it might be worth holding fire on for a little while longer if people are looking for them as gifts.

MrsKwazii Mon 27-Aug-12 21:36:06

Oh, I've got 21 items listed over the free weekend - all finishing next weekend. Mainly toys. Am a bit worried about getting them all packed and out into the post/courier if they all go though. What do the rest of you do? Pack them up once you've listed, or wait until they've sold? Have tended to wait but I've never had more than five or six lots on at the same time confused

Bongaloo Mon 27-Aug-12 21:47:50

I'm going to give it a go. I've never sold on e-bay before (bought plenty).

I've put just 6 items up so far - just baby bits - sleepsuits mainly. Can't see reaching £300 off sleepsuits.

I'm sure I'll be bending your ears for tips. Like , it hadn't occurred to me to put on the higher start price while it's free listings.
How often do they do these free listing weekends - is it worth getting prepared for the next one, or just get stuff on regardless?

CagneyNLacey Mon 27-Aug-12 21:52:39

Oh Bugger, should I not have linked to my stuff? I thought everyone did that on these threads blush

Bongaloo Mon 27-Aug-12 22:07:59

I have no idea. Here's mine.
I daren't look too much at other people's - I'll end up spending more than selling. (Although if I use any money I make to get next sizes up it's probably quite a good thing).

CagneyNLacey Mon 27-Aug-12 22:17:19

<feels better>

About postage, is it easier to sell bundles now rather than individual small items? as the postage for recorded 2nd class seems to be almost a flat rate, unless I am missing something. Which is likely.

eatyouwithaspoon Mon 27-Aug-12 23:36:54

I really want to go on holiday next year, nothing fancy but going have to sell everything that isn't nailed down smile have listed a few bits tonight of plus size ladies clothes.
I am going to list some girls clothes too - do babies/pram shoes sell? They are so cute --but useless--If not may save them for a car boot!

bluecarrot Tue 28-Aug-12 22:16:18

Hi - Im joining please but will be a joint ebay / gumtree / any other selling outlet possible challenge for me smile

Ive sold a lot of stuff in the last two weeks, gaining over £350 cash. My target is £500 by which time I think I may have run out of things to sell...maybe. <eyes up sofa we dont really sit on often>

BabylonPI Wed 29-Aug-12 08:54:18

Well I spoke too soon sad

My eBay account has been restricted for selling permanently due to low DSRs apparently - even though they have been improving steadily since April.

I've bitten the bullet and registered as a business seller which means I can now buy to sell IYSWIM wink

I will link to old account so customers can see previous good feedback, but as of today I am starting from scratch sadgrin

lljkk Wed 29-Aug-12 09:01:45

Eek, how bad are your DSRs, do you mind saying?
These debates about overcharging on postage, get kinda heated, anyway I'm in the minority & folk keep saying stuff like "You can't charge that, your DSRs will get marked down!" but they don't, not terribly. Do I just have very laid back buyers?

I am exemplary about other stuff, like posting quickly & good quality packaging.

lljkk Wed 29-Aug-12 09:08:10

Kwazii I don't package anything until it's paid for. I say 3 days for dispatch precisely so that I don't get too overwhelmed. 1 day dispatch is too stressful.

I don't want to detail what I'm selling, except that it's mostly books, technical stuff (eg, phone recharger, USB cable things) & some toys. Several items going for spares. I have TEN watchers on a 99p Spiderman mask. confused

BabylonPI Wed 29-Aug-12 09:12:10

My feedback was at 98.5% due to 3 negatives in 12 months sad

My DSRs were all fine except postage was too high on some items - this had been remedied though and I had altered all postage costs and been refunding excess postage.

Apparently they have been giving me notice to improve since April and they were going in the right direction but just like that, they've pulled my account sad

I can still use it to buy stuff, and I will, but I'm bloody gutted it's taken me 12 long years to get a feedback of over 500!

lljkk Wed 29-Aug-12 09:21:20

Oh bummer sad. Gumtree it is!?

Twinkletoes91 Wed 29-Aug-12 09:52:26

Defo in!! Newbie to eBay so not 100% on how selling works. I have 2 items up at starting bid of £0.99. What are the PayPal costs etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! smile

BenedictsCumberbitch Wed 29-Aug-12 10:03:14

I've got one bid on something. That's it. A few watchers on others. I'm gonna have to search more things out to sell.

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