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a place to name and shame dodgy ebayers

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Mrsmonnty Mon 19-Dec-11 11:13:23

Hi MNetters Im mostly a reader and only posted once before but I have been having a few ebayers over the last few months that I feel are not being honest and think there should be a place to warn others about them.

I have been selling and buying on ebay for atleast 7 years and its just getting more of a hassle with every year that passes.

people that say not recieved but leave it for the 45 days before they let you know by opening a case (ive started to keep POPs for the long term now)

I really do feel that some (a very small amount, but still it ruins the expierence for others) people are conn merchants who take there goods and then after an amount of time take there money back too.

And they get away with it because Ebay does naff all to support sellers (IMHO) and refunds money to whoever asks for it angry

My latest experience has really made my blood boil.

I make personalised bunting, and obviosly this is made to order and ive never had any complaints only thanks and compliments.

Any way Ive had a particular order and after 3 weeks emailed to say not recieved, I checked the tracker and it only had my posting info (like the postman has not asked for a signiture) but I offer to make another and send asap as its a gift. As soon as its got there i have a case opened to say its rubbish and no good and wants a refund right now.

I think she had the first lot of bunting and its a very dishonest way of getting something for nothing but what the hell can I do.

is it fair to name these people so that other sellers can be aware of what is happening.

sorry its a long post, i actually feel a little better now :/

fergoose Mon 19-Dec-11 11:36:02

Trouble is you don't have proof do you - the item could genuinely have been lost. I would have refunded her immediately and not sent the 2nd item to be honest - and then added her to your blocked bidder list. And also make sure you claim from royal mail for the missing item, if she makes a habit of doing this her address will be flagged and investigated.

Unfortunately eBay has such a wide target audience you are bound to come across awful buyers or sellers from time to time.

LoopyLoopsWoopDeWoops Mon 19-Dec-11 11:37:48

No, sorry, I understand your angst but don't think it appropriate.

Mrsmonnty Mon 19-Dec-11 11:48:50

she is demanding a refund before she returns it now.

the first one i have put a claim in for so no loss of money but its the time ive spent on them that is really annoying. I did offer a refund the first time round but she wanted another sad

fergoose Mon 19-Dec-11 11:57:40

well she can't have a refund until it is returned - that is ridiculous of her to expect a refund before return

I guess she is hoping you will refund and then she won't bother returning at all - stick to your guns

Bmh54 Sun 15-Feb-15 22:16:20

Hi, I have been buying and selling a few things on ebay...after retiring early...sick of the 9 til 5 routine...and i have worked hard and honest since being a teenager...Just this last week I was so hurt and felt i have leant somethin new...A lady messaged me via ebay enquirin re aBNWT Trespass jacket i had advertised...I had bought it in sale and paid £14 for it...I advertised it for £20 plus £2.80 postage...Ebay charge 10% and paypal 3%..The woman said she cudnt afford the after umpteen messages re size extc i agreed to let her have it for £20...The lady messaged me a few days later later saying jacket had fluff hair and bits on it!!? I Was astounded,...Believe was a new jacket...and concerned she wud give me horrible feedback, I said she cud kp the jacket and I refunded her...I am so annoyed she screwed me over...Has anyone else had the same experience?..

ragged Sun 15-Feb-15 22:18:56

You need to give the Ebayer's name for anyone else to have a chance to see what they're like. The feedback left for them may say nothing, but it's the feedback they leave for others that can tell all.

Tryharder Mon 16-Feb-15 08:08:54

Bmh54: you let her keep a NEW £20 jacket???

Blimey! If you want to keep on selling on eBay, you need to toughen up.

Your buyer was a chancer. She got you to discount initially. She then made a crappy complaint in the hope you would knock another few quid off.

She certainly didn't expect you to refund her the whole thing! It's like all her Christmasses came at once!

Never refund without getting the item back first! If you'd told this woman: "sorry you're not happy, send the jacket back and I'll refund you when I receive it", I GUARANTEE you would never have heard from her again.

glammanana Mon 16-Feb-15 12:21:54

Bmh54 I would report her for dishonestly using the Money Back gaurentee,if she wasn't happy why didn't she go via ebay SNAD and open a case so now you have lost your jacket and also have to pay the P&P fee's and the other fee's to ebay & pay-pal she is laughing all the way to the bank sweetie,as TryHarder says toughen up quickly and never listen to sob stories you will end up doing the sobbing as you will be broke.

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