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Been scammed and listing disappeared from eBay but transaction still showing on paypal

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mysteryfairy Fri 02-Dec-11 13:12:20

I bought a guitar pedal for DS1 on eBay last week from a seller with hundreds of music related transactions with positive feedback.

I've just checked up on the sale. I haven't retained any emails related to the sale. The pedal has disappeared from my bought items list. I have the item number in my paypal receipt but when I click through the listing has been taken down. The seller now has pages of negative feedback which started to be left from the day I bought the pedal. Clearly something has gone badly wrong. Yet I haven't had any messages from eBay or had the money refunded via paypal.

It's not a disaster as I can go to a bricks and mortar shop and replace the item. However I would quite like my money back. I know I can raise a dispute via either eBay or paypal - not clear which of these is best to do in the circumstances for the best chance of a refund.

Does anyone have any advice what I should do next please?

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lljkk Fri 02-Dec-11 13:40:53

You can claw back the money using Paypal, somehow, it's possible, just login to your account & start hunting.

fergoose Fri 02-Dec-11 13:42:54

yes just log into and click resolution centre at the top - start a claim and then escalate straight away. You should get your money back in about a week.

MrsMagnolia Fri 02-Dec-11 18:33:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fergoose Fri 02-Dec-11 18:39:38

You wonder in a case like that whether the seller has been taken ill and unable to get online - but regardless of that, you still want your money back!

Either that or maybe the account was hijacked.

FabbyChic Fri 02-Dec-11 19:08:34

It would be a scam account set up purely to get monies in to PayPal and then move it as quickly as possible using it to buy other items which they would then get sent to a host address.

You go to the Resolution Centre in PayPal and file a non receipt dispute and escalate to a claim immediately, you will get a full refund of what you initially paid.

There are lots of scams of this type around before christmas.

mysteryfairy Sat 03-Dec-11 14:24:25

I've raised a dispute via paypal, still not sure if within ebay itself would have been better, but it's not a massive amount of money to lose if I end up not getting it returned.

The most annoying thing now is replacing the item in time for DS's birthday on Monday. DH is out at the reals shops attempting to do that.

I think this must have been a genuine seller at some point as he has loads of positive feedback for similar items. However the item was marked as despatched a few days after purchase and that was presumably a deliberate attempt to mislead. It worked too as I spent a few days thinking the item was in transit and it was only when I started a birthday/xmas wrapping session yesterday that I realised I had a crucial gap.

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FabbyChic Sat 03-Dec-11 14:45:04

You cannot raise a dispute within eBay if the listing has been removed.

The account was hijacked.

fergoose Sat 03-Dec-11 14:47:33

make sure you escalated the dispute too - just raising it won't get your money back smile

Could you buy another from an eBay seller who can send 1st class Monday to be received Tuesday? I know a day late, but better than nothing.

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