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Quick question re eBay selling

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SleepyFergus Thu 20-Oct-11 21:21:15

I've got an item for sale on eBay. 4 watchers and no bids so far. Due to finish on Sunday. Someone has emailed me to ask if I will do a 'buy it now' for her rather than her bidding. Can I do this?

roguepixie Thu 20-Oct-11 21:24:12

Yes, you can revise your listing. As I understand it you cannot revise your listing if it within a certain time of ending or if you have a bid on it. If it does not have any bids on it just revise it to show a buy it now - you do know there are additional charges for buy it now don't you?

SleepyFergus Thu 20-Oct-11 21:36:26

Cheers, thanks for that.

Yes, if there are no bids and it's not within 12 hours of ending you can add a BIN price for a fee (fee is dependant upon the BIN price) but please don't get yourself a fee (voice of experience) without a strong offer to buy - make sure you know what they are prepared to pay for it and what you actually want for it as a minimum, and remember if you add a BIN then anyone can see it and win it before that enquiring bidder does!

sarahtigh Fri 21-Oct-11 17:58:10

a BIN must be at least 40% more than start price of auction
agree to a price ask for a bit more than you want, I do not think 4 watchers is any guarantee of a sale if you had 15 I would say let auction run but if not she can still pay your paypal and you and she get what you want

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