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Please Help - Just bought some very expensive c**p

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fanniadams Wed 19-Oct-11 17:39:05

Can anyone please advise.

Seller is claiming it was described accurately, even though the brand name wasn't included in the listing and when the item arrived, it was not very good quality!

Think - seller sells mostly Channel and Armani and then lists a beautiful black dress but no brand name.. bidders bid up to a very high price ( so it wasn't just me who was taken in) but I was unfortunate enough to win this items which when it arrives is Primark's best. What can I do? I am happy to return so the seller can re-sell but I would just like my money back. Is there any hope? (Even paying postage and the re-listing fees for seller I would still get a big chunk of money back)

Is there anything I can do? I don't think the DSR's apply here.

fergoose Wed 19-Oct-11 17:48:44

what was it described as?

fergoose Wed 19-Oct-11 17:49:24

and no you don't offer to pay fees - really need to see listing to be honest to judge it

lisad123 Wed 19-Oct-11 17:50:28

What did listing say? Did it say which brand?

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Wed 19-Oct-11 17:51:09

You bought the dress not knowing what label it was. You made an assumption and I guess an expensive mistake. I don't think you'd actually be able to claim.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 19-Oct-11 17:51:14

I don't think there's anything you can do. If you weren't sure what brand it was you should have asked ratehr than assumed. Seller probably won't take it back if she got such a good price for it.

lisad123 Wed 19-Oct-11 17:51:24

Need to know how much you paid for primark dress? grin

LaurieFairyCake Wed 19-Oct-11 17:52:44

What in the listing would make you think it was a posh brand? confused

Most people have a mix of better brands and cheapo stuff in their wardrobe, why would you automatically think she only had designer stuff? confused

fergoose Wed 19-Oct-11 17:52:53

have you emailed the seller? is it a business seller?

fanniadams Wed 19-Oct-11 17:59:21

Thanks all

I used the dress as an example.. it wasn't a dress but I don't know if the seller is on Mumsnet and really don't want to get into it on here - I have emailed the seller who wasn't particularly helpful. Don't think they are a business seller, no.

The wording suggested the item was of a better quality that it actually is but I am guessing that I am just going to have to put it down to experience ... £175's worth of experience!!

fergoose Wed 19-Oct-11 18:00:24

well open a not as described dispute but lie and say it has a hole in it

they will say return it tracked and you get a refund

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Wed 19-Oct-11 18:00:50

Bloody hell. For that amount of money it must be worth at least trying to claim. What was it? Sod them if they're a MNer

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Wed 19-Oct-11 18:01:50

No fergoose, don't lie. That's not fair. Would you really do that? No wonder so many people (me included) have stopped selling on Ebay. Far too easy to get ripped off, both as a buyer and a seller.

fergoose Wed 19-Oct-11 18:03:46

well just do a not as described dispute for another reason then!

I am not suggesting you damage the item, just make up a reason for it to be faulty then eBay will tell you to return it and you get your money back

seller can then relist and sell it again

lisad123 Wed 19-Oct-11 18:06:00

If it was listed as good quality and isn't, I would suggest opening dispute. I did something similar last year, but was a lovely dress but £30 for asda dress secondhand was a little much! But my fault and dress was nice.

fergoose Wed 19-Oct-11 18:12:12

My point is you need a good reason for a not as described dispute. Read the thread further down about paypal finding in favour of a buyer of a newish necklace described as art nouveau antique. If that buyer had stated the clasp was broken paypal would have awarded a refund. Instead the seller palmed off 1980s tat as antique and conned an unsuspecting buyer.

If you open a dispute saying you assumed it was a better make/quality you risk paypal finding in the sellers favour. Pretend it is faulty and you will get a refund. Devious maybe, but for £175 I would tell a lie. And the seller gets item back intact to relist. In my eyes the seller probably hasn't been very honest in their description if you bid that amount.

fanniadams Wed 19-Oct-11 20:05:37

Thank you very much for all your advice. I'll let you know how I get on!

FlouncyMcFlouncer Wed 19-Oct-11 21:11:05

There's nothing to indicate here that the seller was dishonest in anyway or wrongly described the item - and yet, fergoose, you are suggesting that the buyer should use these devious tactics to get back the money which she happily spent at the time? Shame on you, then, fergoose, because you are turning into one of the people who are ruining ebay completely. Disgusted.

fergoose Wed 19-Oct-11 21:16:15

well really? I haven't seen the listing but the buyer did say that it was not as described.

go and read the thread about the art nouveau necklace if you want to be disgusted with someone who is ruining eBay.

people like me ruining eBay? wow - bit harsh I reckon. I hope you never get ripped off by a dishonest seller for £175.

Anyway, I will leave this thread and this part of mumsnet if I am so disgusting to you.

I hope the buyer can return the item and get their money back.

JarethTheGoblinKing Wed 19-Oct-11 21:18:16

Sounds like potential shill bidding to me. Worth getting eBay to look into it on that basis alone

fergoose Wed 19-Oct-11 21:19:41

yes I agree I think shill bidding may definitely have bumped up the price to such an amount

Did the seller infer it was a designer item then? I guess they must have for you to bid such a high amount.

HenriettaFarthingay Wed 19-Oct-11 21:50:39

What's shill bidding? Thanks.

fergoose Wed 19-Oct-11 21:51:52

using another account of their own, or getting a friend to bid against you, to bid up the price.

HenriettaFarthingay Wed 19-Oct-11 22:44:06

Ok, I understand. Thanks fergoose.

mogs0 Wed 19-Oct-11 23:22:07

If I was selling a Primark dress and it reached such a high amount, there is no way that my conscience would allow me to see the transaction through. I couldn't comfortably sell it for more than it was new - but then I am a crap business woman grin.

OP - if your seller was a MNer, they'd have been on here telling us all that they'd just sold a Primark dress for £175!

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