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Item not arrived but seller says I signed for it!

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Mimmit Mon 17-Oct-11 20:21:06

Hi all. I would really appreciate some help from more savvy ebayers.
I bought an item and paid for it on 21 September. The description stated that the item would not be posted until 10 October and would be received by 11th.By 14th October I still hadn't received so emailed the seller. He responded today to say it was tracked and it was signed for in my name on 11th October.
I honestly haven't recieved it and certainly haven't signed for any parcels. I was actually out on that day. If a neighbour takes delivery for me it is always passed straight on and I can't see why they would sign in my name anyway. If something dodgy has happened how do I go about resolving it? I have asked the seller to find out from the company exactly which property the parcel was delivered to and who signed for it. If the seller has a signature is he discharged from any liability?
I am so disappointed. My bargain £40 present for my daughter has turned into a potentially costly mess. Any help will be very gratefully received. TIA

fergoose Mon 17-Oct-11 20:59:51

ask the seller for the tracking number - tell them you will be going to the police as you suspect your item has been stolen. have you checked with your neighbours. what is the sellers feedback like?

maybe they are bluffing - either way you should open a not received case

if they do provide a tracking number, check it is for your address. if it's royal mail then it will advise which sorting office it was sent from I think.

Also, last resort, if funded with a credit card you could claw back the money from them.

Mimmit Mon 17-Oct-11 21:22:36

Thank you so much fergoose. Since your reply I have managed to get tracking number from ebay by opening up a not recieved case. It showed the carrier and I have seent he signature is someone who lives about 20 houses away from me?! They obviously haven't got round to dropping it off for me so I will be round for it tomorrow. Thanks again. What a relief! grin

fergoose Mon 17-Oct-11 21:35:24

so they received your parcel 6 days ago, signed for it in your name and didn't tell you they have your item?!

I hope they do still let you have the item.

LauraIngallsWilder Mon 17-Oct-11 21:38:20

Why would a delivery driver deliver it 20 doors away - that seems odd in itself!
I hope you get it ok - let us know, I am intrigued.................

Mimmit Tue 18-Oct-11 12:51:17

Hi, Thank you for your help. Just thought I'd update you on the saga this has become. I went to the house down the road today. They did have the parcel and gave it to another person in the road by the same first name as me. They think the house number may also have been wrong on the label? So now I have left a note with the other neighbour, hoping they still have it. Even if they opened it they could have guessed it was for me. Toys for the hassled looking woman dragging kids around everywhere!!
Hopefully I should get the parcel tonight. Hope it is worth it. Looking at feedback there is mixed reports about the quality but not sure I would have the front to try and return for refund after all this!!

fergoose Tue 18-Oct-11 12:53:09

if it is no good then of course you must return for a refund. I hope it is ok though.

sarahtigh Tue 18-Oct-11 16:38:37

I think this is not sellers fault but couriers fault, hopefully you can message seller and say "I know it is not your fault but the courier/ postman has really messed up and delivered to wrong name and address, I need your help to get courier to solve this" there should have been a note through your door saying left at number 41 or whatever, what's the point of tracking if any body in the street can sign for it and that counts as delivered

Mimmit Wed 19-Oct-11 21:10:32

Thank you again. Yes I agree Sarah, it is the courie's fault, although the seller did get the house number wrong which probably didn't help. Anyway I have the parcel, am pleased with it and now all set to go with my DD's birthday. Have said I will leave good feedback for seller too but that he may want to mention courier's random drop offs!grin

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