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So, ive taken your advice and i am doing a bit better, but still have some questions if you dont mind.

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gigglepin Sun 16-Oct-11 21:50:43

1) Its been free listings this weekend again, how often does ebay do these free listings?
2)Do you just re list time and time again until you actually sell an item..if its free?
3) I did but changed the description a bit and dropped the this ok to do? Still didnt sell though sad
4) How do you paste a photo in so it wont cost you?
5) I apear to have a rather large bill for NOT actually selling anything, can i reduce or avoid this?
Thanks, i dont feel quite as rubbish at ebaying thanks to all of your help and advice, im getting a little nest egg together for Christmas now. Just dont feel like im getting the hang of it yet.

sarahtigh Sun 16-Oct-11 23:22:10

1. mostly every second weekend, however bear in mind loads of people list then so they could now be 5789 baby dresses for sale,
2. you can keep relisting but I tend to list once at price x then if a few watchers will reduce by 10-15% if no watchers or just 1 would reduce by more
5, do not pay for extra photos on items that are selling for 99p get one deceent photo people can always enlarge, a dress say you want £3 for it so list at £3 ( no charge) 1 photo of whole dress, title saying
" Monsoon Red Cord Pinafore (9-12months) BNWT" ( no charge) in description say has zip at back or fastens with 2 buttons has embroidered butterfly on pocket ot whatever keep it simple

accurate postage this will weigh less than 500g maybe less than 250g so postage is £2.40 ( ie £2.16 and 24p for a plastic bag max), so if it does not sell it cost you nothing if it sells ebay fees 30p paypal fees 39p ( 3.4% of £5.40 =20p)
so your £ 3 dress has made you 3.24 -(69) ie total in your pocket £2.55
if you had to pay to list it would cost 15p for being between £1-£4.99, so profit then £2.40 which is still much better than listing for free at 99p and perhaps selling for £1.24

if something does not sell after 2-3 times drastically reduce price or send to charity

I do not sell stuff for 99p I can't be bothered for that tiny amount

fergoose Mon 17-Oct-11 08:15:40

you can host your own pictures in photobucket, then copy and paste the html code into the word/description part of your listing, then have as many photos as you wish.

Is very straightforward, and excellent if you want to show an item in lots of detail.

gigglepin Mon 17-Oct-11 09:46:06

Thanks again, fantastic ebay empire may well advance beyond the 99p mark at some point soon!

TBH its a good feeling sending stuff off, even for just 99p becuase its of use to some one AND its out of my hair AND all of those 99p sales are adding up to a nice little nest egg for Christmas, its cash i would not have had if i hadnt took the plunge.

Im still very much in the learning zone and have a back bedroom full of stuff ready to sell. So im going to chip away...and may come back with more questions if you dont mind grin

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