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do I issue a refund now for an item thats been lost in post.?

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Shhhh Wed 12-Oct-11 14:29:05

Sold item on 18th sept, paid on 19th. I posted it on 20/09 standard parcels.
The buyer advised me a few weeks back that it wasn't received and as per royal mails guidelines I asked if you could wait a little longer incase it was at parcel depot having been unable to deliver. I also suggested checking its not been left with a neighbour etc.

I have told her that according to RM timescales I can make a claim after 11/10 which is now...

Im fine about making a claim and refunding the buyer BUT do I refund her now or wait to see what RM say..? Will I get my money back.?

dizzyday07 Wed 12-Oct-11 17:05:24

Refund her now and then claim from RM. Use your Ebay transaction information to prove how much you are claiming for - unless you have the original receipt

Shhhh Sun 16-Oct-11 08:54:02

Thanks dizzy smile.
Sorry for the delayed reply. I did refund my lady and the same day I sent in a claim form for the loss. Fingers crossed.

I used the ebay auction details as you suggested.Being Ms Organised I had everything to prove postage and the sale <<preen>>

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