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Protection for buyer paying on collection?

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GreatBallsOfFluff Sun 09-Oct-11 11:16:58

Hi, sorry its a really quick question, but is there anything I should do when paying for an item I'm collecting such as getting the seller to sign a receipt or is there no possible comeback against me such as "buyer hasn't paid"?

fergoose Sun 09-Oct-11 11:24:17

signed receipt won't mean anything, just pay in cash and mark the item as paid.

sarahtigh Sun 09-Oct-11 23:42:08

it is difficult for seller to say you have item but did not pay as either that implies you stole it from him, or somehow got it out of their house without payment, however you could if he says you did not pay say he did not deliver,

the bigger risk is to seller if you pay paypal and then claim non arrival he has no proof which is why any sensible seller has cash only for collection itenm as without cash you will not get item and he can not really take your cash and not deliver

make sure you get phone number so if you get lost or late you can ring them as if you said you were coming at 10 i would not still be waiting in for you at 12 if you got lost/delayed and could not let me know

make sure you check it works as if you collect something you would normally have been deemed to check it like a pushcahir pram bicycle; you could not claim later you could not fold it for instance. may be able to claim not working if was a PC or router which could not be tested on site

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