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Who pays the return postage?

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petal68 Thu 06-Oct-11 21:24:32


Just looking for some advice on who pays for return postage. I sold an item last week and listed it in good faith as being bronze - i checked online and the exact same thing is still being sold online as cold cast bronze. the buyer is now complaining that the item is plaster.

I have given them the website address showing the same item but as they are not happy i've offered a refund of cost and postage but said postage back has to be paid by them. They have just responded to say I am responsible for paying unless my returns policy states otherwise but i dont have a returns policy as it states "no returns" which I think was the default setting.

Can anyone tell me what they would do - this has quite upset as being getting great feedback before this! Thanks for any advice

cheesesarnie Thu 06-Oct-11 21:25:44

ive always thought it was the buyer who pays return postage.

fergoose Thu 06-Oct-11 21:36:49

if the item is not as described you the seller should refund the buyer for the return postage as well as all of their original payment for the item and outward postage.

The default setting of no returns means nothing, if they go to eBay they can return for a full refund whether you agree to it or not.

petal68 Thu 06-Oct-11 21:45:16

Hi thanks for the advice and I appreciate that the 'no returns' thing doesnt really stand up but I have offered a full refund. Surely then any seller of any item could just say its not as described and then send back if for example they decided they didnt like it and the seller is out of pocket by their fees plus return postage.

Seems like its definitely a buyers market on ebay.

Thanks for both of your replies

fergoose Thu 06-Oct-11 22:07:59

yes well it is flawed as a buyer could send a damaged item back and still get a refund. Or they could just change their mind.

sarahtigh Thu 06-Oct-11 22:46:31

no returns is only valid for private sellers with auction format for changing mind or not fitting, you have to accept returns for not as described,

if it was an honest mistake and i am afraid lots of "bronze" figures are not bronze you have to accept return if he goes to ebay he will be told to return and you will have to refund though not return postage just original postage, but I think if it is not as described you need to apologise say it was an honest mistake as you really thought it was bronze and as a gesture pay his return postage

you are not responsible for return postage unless perhaps you are a business seller, unless you suspect fraud it is best just to accept return if it is broken you pay postage if not and they want to return let them pay

sarahtigh Thu 06-Oct-11 22:48:08

unfotunately even in catalogues bronze can be a colour rather than a material, we buy a few antiques etc and most " bronze " is spelter and it is really hard to tell from photos you need to hold it to be sure

petal68 Thu 06-Oct-11 23:06:29


thanks for the further replies. We have decided to just give a full refund to get it sorted out - hopefully we wont get negative feedback as well as that would be the icing on the cake!

Will have to stick to ebaying things that I am 100% certain about rather than the stuff cleared from my Grandma's house.

I would never make an antiques dealer anyway!

thanks for your help.

sarahtigh Fri 07-Oct-11 21:00:10

i've sold loads of my grandma's and MIL stuff tends to be vintage art deco 50's stuff some good a couple of pieces of clarice cliff most average
and still have about 8 large boxes to sell as both hoarders sent 47 boxes to charity though from a 1 bedroomed flat!! that does not include what we are selling or what went to dump

I would not be put of selling collectables vintage stuff but always put caveats seee others on ebay "this is vintage and as such will have signs of wear little scratches scuffs etc, if in doubt please ask questions, "

say you don't know how old it is , it is an attic find... all true
all metal is just yellow /white unless hall marked don't polish old brass the patina adds to value

if you get a negative you can actually reply but keep it factual, buyer has full refund etc

if you have any more bronzes take them to local auction house for free valuation you don't have to let them sell it, they will soon tell you if it is not bronze or brass or whatever

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