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am i being unreasonable to ask for further refund? REally not sure what to do!

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woowa Fri 30-Sep-11 23:32:49

Ordered a wooden toy farm. In pic rooves were red, seller said they were green, fine.

Arrived, didn't have chance to open box, then read email saying that £10 had been refunded. Opened box, found 2 green rooves (barns!) and one red, i assumed that's what the refund was for (because not as described, and not a matching set of barns), until i removed the main part of the farm (the base) from the box, it has a 3 way crack in it about 5cm diameter, which must have been caused by something being dropped on it at some point. I paid £25 (half rrp) plus £10 postage, which would have been a total bargain if it were actually in good condition.

So i logged on to ebay and found a message from seller which hadn't been forwarded to my email (why are they selective?) explaing that there was damage and did i still want it. If i had have read this i would have cancelled, rather than just have £10 off it. But seller didn't wait for my reply, refunded £10 and sent to me. I only read it 24 hours after seller sent email, so not as if could have been much quicker, not being online ALL the time.

I replied saying i hadn't read email, i would have cancelled and perhaps seller could refund another £10 as i reckoned that's all it's worth as soiled and damaged stock, and because sending it back is going to be another £10 so i'm still out of pocket for something not as described AND damaged, which was meant to be a christmas present.

Seller has replied saying no, and if i don't want it to send it back. This still leaves me out of pocket for posting a damaged item back, although i do see that from their perspective that leave me only paying £5 plus £10 postage to them after their refund.

I'm annoyed that they didn't wait for my reply before sending it, leaving me forced to pay to send it back. I'd be happy to keep it but not for £25 (well, £15 plus £10 postage) because it's in really bad condition.

I feel i'm being unreasonable, but i think they've been more unreasonable in not waiting for my answer. Can anyone help?

DoodleAlley Fri 30-Sep-11 23:47:11

Look into your protections under distance selling regulations. Can't post more as DS crying but am sure someone else can help more fully if not

fergoose Sat 01-Oct-11 08:44:44

no the seller shouldn't have sent it - and she should refund your return postage costs. You wouldn't have paid that amount to buy it broken would you

Tell her if you don't receive a full refund plus the return postage costs you will open a dispute with ebay which will give her a black mark against her account. Also the item wasn't as described which is another rankle.

Open it with ebay not paypal, when it gives you the option of what you want, tick the box 'other' write in refund. Then escalate in 10 days and ebay will refund you the balance and you won't have to return.

and make sure you leave appropriate feedback and stars

Salam Sat 01-Oct-11 08:54:53

No, you are not being unreasonable. She should have waited for your reply. By the sounds of it, it is only worth to drop it off at a charity shop at the most, but I would definitely not be happy paying £25 in total for a badly damaged toy. As fergoose said, open a dispute and escalate. You will get your money back.

woowa Sat 01-Oct-11 19:43:43

Thank you all, sounds scary, i'll do the dispute thing. eek, i'm not into confrontation!

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