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Buying Royal Mail postage online question

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lljkk Thu 29-Sep-11 10:12:16

Someone asked if I'd post item to Italy.
Item will be max. 360g in packaging.
It seems like Airmail small packet is right way to go, but the pricing confuses me.

That list says 11.96 for anything over 300 g. But... that page also gives me the option (at top of price band info) to buy postage by printing out a label for 3.16... I think that would be the exact price, some kind of deal only available to people online, and completely different from the pricing structure listed on the rest of that page. Is that right? I can't find anything on the "online postage" FAQ that says that you get a better price online than off! confused. Everywhere else online says that you pay the "normal" price, so why no price band that corresponds to the 3.16 quoted (arrrgh).

So... question is, do I tell my would be buyer in Italy that I could send it to them for 3.16, and plan to print it out at home, or am I doing something wrong?


(& TIA).

lljkk Thu 29-Sep-11 10:14:53

Oh great, now I've found a completely different table which does explain the 316 number. (think I'm slightly less confused, but why can't they put the right table on other page).

fergoose Thu 29-Sep-11 10:34:20

you could quote £3.16 but you have no signature proof of delivery and I have heard Italy notorious for lost/missing items.

lljkk Thu 29-Sep-11 10:44:32

I did wonder about that risk.
Never though, when I've had abroad enquiries about postage, and I said okay here's the price, did the abroad person actually win the auction! That's why I don't even bother to offer it as a default, it's not worth the time to look up.

FlouncyMcFlouncer Thu 29-Sep-11 10:47:32

An airmail small packet to Italy weighing 360g will cost £3.16. I'm not sure where your other confusing prices come in, but I always use the Price Finder here:

and it has never let me down.

fergoose Thu 29-Sep-11 11:10:43

well it is up to you - if you want you can block all international bidders.

nowwearefour Thu 29-Sep-11 12:45:21

I made quite a considerable loss on my postage sad. but my own fault for not doing my research properly- i also thought i might attract more bidders and get a better price by being low on the postage side and i did sell ALL my items (despite one person still not paying!) so who knows the counterfactual. just pleased to have sent most of them off now!

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