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How long should I give seller to respond to 'item not as described' email

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LaurieFairyCake Tue 27-Sep-11 10:24:50

It's been 24 hours. I purchased a necklace which was described and listed as a certain period (it's not, it's modern) and as just a cheap silver necklace It's not worth 150 quid.

I emailed stating it was modern and saying I wanted to return it for a refund - how long before I open a dispute?

fergoose Tue 27-Sep-11 10:28:38

I think a max of 48 hours, but have they been listing and leaving feedback since your email. If they have and are ignoring you, then open dispute straight away

You will have to return at your expense with a signature - special delivery I think to cover jewellery? Recorded won't be enough.

MrsBlarney Tue 27-Sep-11 10:31:32

Open it now even if you write to them that it's just a precaution.

I give people 24 hours unless it's a weekend. some are very good at lip service but won't ever refund you unless you get paypal to kick their arse (pardon bluntness)

Don't close it till you have the money back and wait till paypal tells you to, to return the item. Make sure address is the one paypal gives you.

Sadly it can take a couple of weeks if the seller drags it out. So do it now.

MrsBlarney Tue 27-Sep-11 10:34:06

I sent something back to the paypal address recently and the seller didn't turns out it had gone to his old address. paypal look at the tracking, and give the seller a few days to refund and then they do it automatically whether the seller has got the item or not.

Some sellers don't collect from the sorting office on purpose but you get the refund anyway, which unsurprisingly sees most of those sellers hot footing it down to collect their returned parcel...before it gets sent back to you as well as the money.

fergoose Tue 27-Sep-11 10:37:40

yes if sellers don't collect or refuse the delivery you will still get your refund - as long as you have online proof of it.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 27-Sep-11 11:00:19

I am having such dreadful luck with ebay - last week it was disgusting, smelly shoes now it's a fake necklace. And I've just this second taken delivery of cups/saucers - supposed to be 8 matching plus he kindly sent some worthless 'extras' of saucers - of the main ones I paid for 2 are broken and irritatingly they are the prettiest ones (and he has forgotten the saucer that goes with another) - so now I've asked for a partial refund, taken photos, the box has been massively dented by the couriers.

It's all really frustrating.

fergoose Tue 27-Sep-11 11:27:28

What a run of bad luck - was the packaging inadequate for the cups?

What is wrong with sellers - do they really think people will shell out their hard earned cash and receive a totally different or broken item.

I wonder if in these current strapped financial times sellers will try it on even more! I have definitely noticed sellers care less and kick up a fuss if you dare complain.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 27-Sep-11 11:33:46

FGS! The filing a claim in the resolution centre form on Ebay is not working! It just greys out but doesn't file with ebay once you have filled it in.

I've filed it with paypal instead as their forms are working.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 27-Sep-11 11:35:42

No, the packaging for the cups was great - the couriers have dropped the box, there is a massive dent in it. I've already heard from the seller as I've emailed pictures and he's offered me a partial refund which I'm perfectly happy with - one great guy smile - fast and effective communication.

fergoose Tue 27-Sep-11 12:07:04

fab - what a great seller smile

You can escalate the PayPal claim immediately - no need to wait 10 days like with eBay

sarahtigh Thu 29-Sep-11 10:07:50

check necklace for hallmarks get photos in case he claims you have not sent the necklace that he sent you!!

I have had china broken by couriers, no courier covers you for breakages of china glass so you just have to suck it up as a seller. I now send all ceramics royal mail as they mostly seem to be able to read fragile labels. some say never do partial refunds but i do for like 2 saucers broken or refund of postage if i thuoght would be in 4-6kg category when actually got in at 3950g which is 4.41 in stead of 7.62 so then i would send buyer a refiund as soon as back from PO

LaurieFairyCake Thu 29-Sep-11 12:18:45

Grrrrrrrr....... they have refused a refund! even though they stated on ebay listing they would accept returns!

I've escalated it to a claim - surely Paypal will find in my favour????

fergoose Thu 29-Sep-11 12:28:15

yes they will - on what grounds have they refused it? what a cheek! They have to accept returns, what a chancer.

Just be ready to return with a signature when they tell you to.

LaurieFairyCake Thu 29-Sep-11 12:32:21

They claim it is as described because they purchased it in the 80's as a period piece.

I've responded saying a jeweller has said to me it is definitely modern. If it was period I would keep it like a shot .

sarahtigh Sat 01-Oct-11 19:09:06

in antique terms modern does not mean contemporary yuo said silver did you mean colour or metal?

antique 100 + years old, vintage at least 25years old, modern can be used for anything from art deco period onwards depends on area contemporary means last few years Art Deco was the first Modern period though now usually described as vintage nothing from art deco period is technically an antique

the best clue is checking for hallmarks until 1998 there were 4, 1 of which was a date letter, if no date letter it is post 1998/9 if it has date letter it is earlier

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