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Nightmare lost post

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goingbacktowork Mon 26-Sep-11 14:22:11

Who knows if people are genuine? 10 things sent a few weeks ago and 2 have not arrived. It is my fault as at least one was supposed to have gone recorded delivery (though this would only have proved that it had been received it would not have helped if it had gone missing) and neither have arrived. They were both sent on 13 September. Both buyers obviously ancey and one is getting a bit shirty now. One was a voucher for £50! All were being sold on behalf of an orphange I support and this is a real blow as I will have to refund.

Couple of dense questions:

Who is responsible? I assume me so I have to refund.

Who then claims? The sender or the non-receiver?

I can claim for packages off royal mail (I have certificate of posting but what can I claim for? One outfit (brand new) cost £60 - no proof as do not have receipt but can get letter from the person who gave it (the proof was the tags on the lost item!) Can I claim for the £60 it really cost or for what it sold for on ebay only (£12) and in which case will the page off ebay suffice as evidence of the cost?. Same issue with the £50 voucher.

I know I was silly not sending special delivery but it was for charity so did not want to incur the cost. Seems stupid now!

Many thanks.

You have the responsibility for claiming not the buyer - you should refund them before you get your money back from the post office too, as it can take a while, but you aren't able to claim for lost items until 15 working days after posting.

You can get a claim form from your post office and there are specific questions on that which relate to ebay items and the proof of value that you need to provide, you will need the original certificate of posting and the amount you can claim back is dependant on the postage method you chose, and it won't be for the original purchase price but for the ebay sales value.

See here for more info

goingbacktowork Mon 26-Sep-11 14:59:18

"won't be for the original purchase price but for the ebay sales value" What if the item was just sent as a gift - would it not be for the actual value? I am not sure I understand the reason for the difference.

fergoose Mon 26-Sep-11 15:03:47

you can claim for what the item sold for up to £48 with a certificate of postage - not for the original value of the item.

If it was a voucher can you put a stop on it in any way?

Sorry, I may have misunderstood - if one of the things you sent was nothing to do with ebay then you will be restricted to the certificate of posting limit that Fergoose mentioned and I think in that case you'll need the original receipt.

bemybebe Mon 26-Sep-11 15:21:45

I detest RM with passion. I get the neighbours' mail every bloody month and often they get my letters too. My lovefilm dvds gone missing twice in 2 years. Amazon parcel was not delivered at least once.

I have myself taken a delivery of 350 (!!?) GBP worth of earphones from Bose last year. Opened the package by mistake (i do a lot of internet shopping) and could not believe that neither my name nor my address resemble these on the box. (doesn't it always go as follows - buzz at the door "Delivery! Can you please sign in the box here. Cheers!") Of course I have done the right thing and taken the package personally to the buyer (drove there twice as the first time the guy was out), but I wish I could have enough cheek to keep them and let the RM pay the compensation to whoever uses them for sending such high value items! (joke)

[spitting fricking fire emoticon]

goingbacktowork Mon 26-Sep-11 15:28:06

don't think you can stop a voucher - it was just a gift voucher from early learning centre.

How would rm even know what the item was? This seems a very odd process. Surely you can just find any old recipt and say this was the item.

I am really miffed - both items posted same day from same post office - makes me thinks things have been pinched

fergoose Mon 26-Sep-11 15:41:05

or your buyers are lying

there is nothing you can do if you didn't send recorded or special - you will just have to refund the buyers via paypal and claim from royal mail.

goingbacktowork Mon 26-Sep-11 15:42:15

they may be but I have never had this before and it is odd that it was the same day and same p office

going - as part of the RM claim form you have to give the name and address details of the intended recipient and RM will contact them to confirm non-receipt before they refund you so you'd be caught out that way if you claim for a different item or different value.

going - just re-read your OP and I think you meant that if you sold an item through ebay that was a gift to you and worth more than you sold it for can you claim for the original purchase price - sorry but the answer is no - you can only claim for the price you sold it at, despite the original worth or value.

PurpleFrog Mon 26-Sep-11 17:06:50

As far as I am aware a certificate of posting doesn't cover vouchers or giftcards. These have to be sent special delivery. Sorry.

Purple is right - doesn't cover other high value items like jewellery either I don't think.

goingbacktowork Mon 26-Sep-11 18:00:47

oh this is just getting worse - that is £50 I have just lost for the orphanage. That is awful. I just hate RM - why is the service so poor?

I am sure the onus is on me but I am a bit miffed that the p office did not point this out to me when I asked for certificate of posting on a letter.

dizzyday07 Mon 26-Sep-11 18:11:28

You wouldn't get the value of the voucher even if you could claim as I think RM standard compensation is only @ £42.

Check with your PO and make sure they have not been thrown in a corner somewhere.

And I don't think your Ebay buyer for the voucher is trying it on as I'm sure vouchers are not covered by Ebay/Paypal protection either.

I found this on the RM website, they also say vouchers are included in their description of 'cash'.
"Make sure you use the correct service when sending money, jewellery or valuable items. If you send money, jewellery or valuables using any other Royal Mail service except Special Delivery™ you will not be able to claim any compensation in the event of loss or damage"

I think given what you've said you can only claim £12 for the outfit (once 15 working days have passed).

The items could still turn up though - did you put a return address on them? Took 15 weeks for a lost ebay item that I sent to get back to me!

I get COP for every ebay thing I send whether that's letters, packets or parcels and I only send Recorded or Special if the individual item is worth over 25.00 or it's jewellery, but that's just me.

Sorry it's turned out so badly for you sad

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