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Three emailing asking to ship abroad. All rouge or genuine coincidence??

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CollieandPup Mon 26-Sep-11 09:55:37

Hi, I'm currently selling a couple of old camera lenses on eBay. I've had 3 emails all from users abroad asking if I'll ship abroad. One from China, one Tiwan (both seem odd as I'd have though you can get v cheap camera equipment in these countries) and one from Turkey. I've also had an email from eBay telling me to ignore the email from the user in China as they believed it has been hijacked. Do you think the others are likely to be rouge users also? Why would my listing have attracted so much attention? The item is not valuable. I posted the items for sale via my iPad, does this reduce security perhaps?

OR, genuine coincidence?

fergoose Mon 26-Sep-11 10:42:58

I don't know about rogue bidders, but the iPad won't make any difference to security of your eBay account.

If you don't want international bidders change your settings in eBay then they will be unable to bid.

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