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What sort of thing do you write in your descriptions?

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ComeAlongPond Thu 22-Sep-11 13:31:09

Moving house, so seems like quite a good time to sell some stuff while we're going through it all.

Getting a bit stuck with descriptions though; I seem to just repeat all the title info such as the brand and size (mostly selling clothes), mention its condition, and that's it.

Is that all that should be said, or is there some kind of technique that works better?

fergoose Thu 22-Sep-11 13:34:45

I always put measurements too with clothing

I think brief description is fine - basic info, size, condition, any flaws, fabric content

I always space it out well so is easy to read

I don't think you need to wax lyrical - just present the info clearly and succinctly.

piprabbit Thu 22-Sep-11 13:39:54

If it's an unusual brand, I might give an indication if it comes up particularly large or small in my opinion.

Also, if there is any detailing on the item that makes it a little more special but doesn't show well in the photos, I'd mention that as well.

ragged Thu 22-Sep-11 13:45:45

I just listed about 20 things on Ebay.
Condition in general is important. Flaws are very important to list although you don't want to exagerate them, either.
I try to write in a cheery tone with a few superlatives "lovely boots!" etc.

I hate "l@@k" in title or text.
With a product that has its own blurb on the box, like a functionality list, put all that down. I am listing some sheet music books and wrote down the name of every piece inside (with artist).
Brand name, date of purchase, how much used, those details would interest me. Whether the photo shows the colour(s) properly.

Inside leg measurement, waist, bust, collar-to hem length, those sorts of things I would want to know for clothes items.

ComeAlongPond Thu 22-Sep-11 14:02:50

Thanks, that's all very helpful.

AgonyBeetle Thu 22-Sep-11 14:05:35

Say that you have a smoke-free and pet-free home (assuming you have). If you don't say that, many buyers will assume that the item will arrive reeking of smoke or covered in cat hairs.

Put in the exact measurements of eg. waist, length, whatever is appropriate to the item.

Fabric content and washing instructions.

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