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Frickin' numpty buyer!

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DitaVonCheese Wed 21-Sep-11 23:31:00

Sold an item on ebay at the weekend. Just had an irate message from the buyer basically accusing me of stealing from her - she bought it for $30.69 yet I've taken $49.something from her bank account. Er no, love, that's something called the exchange rate, we don't all deal in US dollars hmm

I am enjoying being outraged grin

You go guuurrrrrllll (in LA vocal)

Seriously though, ebay needs a numpty check-list when you've bid and won an auction, kind of:

> Have you read the description?
> Really? You read the description and you want to buy it?
> Did you check the postage and payment page?
> Really?
> So you won't be surprised when it's not sent to you within 24-hrs/costs more to send to the Isle of Nowhere etc.?
> Excellent - you are a good buyer and should proceed to check-out etc......

Sorry, I couldn't resist as I had a buyer a while ago who wanted to know why her item wasn't sent 1st class when she had chosen 2nd (1st was an option, she didn't choose it) and then why it was only sent on the 2nd day when we state "sent within 3" and so on and so on. We exchanged jolly emails for a while and then I blocked her from future auctions - it was only going to go one way...

DitaVonCheese Thu 22-Sep-11 00:04:41

grin Thanks, that made me laugh. I am generally pretty lucky I think, though did enjoy someone who sent a message asking how long it would take him to get from his house to my house for a collection-only item hmm

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