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Can't un-tick 'donate to charity' box! Urgent help needed please!

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oopslateagain Tue 20-Sep-11 18:43:37

Help! I listed a load of items to go 'live' later this evening, I just realised that I have listed them ALL as 'Donate to charity'. Several of them are probably going to go for less than a pound, and the charity rules say that if the item sells the minimum donation is £1, which will leave me horribly out of pocket!

I went in to revise the listings, but nothing happens when I click 'do not want to donate at this time". I can edit most other things but not this.

Please don't say I have to cancel all the listings and upload them all again... sad

fergoose Tue 20-Sep-11 18:57:01

no idea - why don't you ask live help or go to the eBay community boards - someone will be able to help.

oopslateagain Tue 20-Sep-11 19:01:14

The live help was useless, automated answers which don't help! I've just been searching the community boards for an answer, not sure if it's an Ebay problem or a problem with my computer settings.

I'm still checking out the boards but if anyone here has any ideas I'd be grateful.

fergoose Tue 20-Sep-11 19:10:26

live chat is a real person - not automated

why don't you post a thread on the eBay boards

fergoose Tue 20-Sep-11 19:11:36

go here - on the right where it says chat with us

oopslateagain Tue 20-Sep-11 20:25:13

Ah thanks fergoose I was looking at the wrong 'chat' button.

I did post threads on the eBay boards, no replies as yet...

I finally found the answer deep in the depths of the eBay help boards - once listed as a charity item you can't change it. So I did have to re-list all my items - that'll teach me to double check before listing! I did think I had time to check them as they were listed a day in advance of the time they were due to go live, but I didn't realise certain things couldn't be changed.

Thanks for your help anyway!

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